Support for International Students

Support for International Students

Subsidy for university related excursions (for privately financed students)

If you make a trip to attend an academic meeting or participate in a seminar study trip, subsidy will be provided up to ¥10,000 (for overnight trip) or ¥3,000 (for one-day trip) once a year. This subsidy is available for graduate degree students, undergraduate seniors and non-degree students (those registered with seminars).
The following documents are necessary when applying for the subsidy.

  • Application for “Subsidy for a Trip”
  • Schedule or Program of the meeting or study trip you attend
  • Receipt (Copies are not acceptable)
  • Fees spent on private cars or rental cars will not be covered by the subsidy in principle

* The form is available at the CIE office. The application should be submitted to the CIE office. Please note that the deadline for each academic year is set in early March.
Application Form for Financial Assistance for privately-funded overseas students to participate in study trips and/or seminars

Tutorial System

When your supervisor or your faculty office considers it necessary, he or she will select one of the students in his/her seminar will be selected as your tutor in order to help you with your Japanese or specialized field of study.
This is called “tutorial system” and it is available only for international students newly admitted to undergraduate / graduate schools and the professional program (e.c MBA course) for the period of one year.
The application period would be around the beginning of Spring semester and the beginning of Fall semester.
GSAPS Office will post the information on the bulletin board and via e-mail around the application period.
If you feel the need to have a tutor, please ask GSAPS office.