GSAPS Student Association (GSA)

GSAPS Student Association (GSA)

The GSAPS Student Association (GSA) has as its mission the social, academic, and career development of GSAPS students. All GSAPS students are considered members, in that they are welcome and encouraged to participate in GSA activities.

Because graduate school tends to focus more on independent research activities than on classroom attendance, social interaction and the development of a collegial atmosphere can be more difficult than at the undergraduate level. Therefore, the GSA holds events to support and expand social relationships between students. These events include welcome and farewell parties at the beginning and the end of each semester, potluck dinners, picnics, and others as proposed by students.

The GSA also holds events to assist with members’ academic activities. The Young Researcher’s Club (YRC), held twice monthly, is the primary example. At YRC, students are welcome to discuss their research, discuss challenges they are facing, and receive assistance and feedback from other students in a casual atmosphere. In addition, the GSA occasionally organizes student conferences and other activities on a larger scale that are open to the wider academic community.

Career development is another purpose of the GSA. Previous events have included career fairs, bringing representatives of Japanese and international companies directly to GSAPS, as well as smaller-scale events such as seminars to help students develop job hunting skills and to promote greater understanding of the job hunting process in Japan. Further to career-specific events, it should be noted that the networking opportunities at all GSA events are of great benefit to students’ future professional development.

Finally, the GSA serves as a liaison between the student body and the GSAPS administration. Annual student-teacher dialogues provide an opportunity for students to present suggestions and concerns to the administration in a constructive atmosphere.

The GSA is an all-volunteer organization administered by a council of interested students. Meetings are held monthly and all students are welcome to attend. All students are invited to propose new events, which in some cases may be eligible for financial support from the GSA.

We at the GSA are working to make sure each member has an excellent experience at GSAPS, and welcome the participation of all students.

Career and Internship Forum

GSAPS is composed of students from diverse backgrounds from all around the globe. As the world becomes more and more globalized, many Japanese corporations are actively recruiting students considered to be global candidates. At the same time, more foreign students are seeking opportunities to work in Japanese corporations as well. However, foreign students are facing challenges working through the unfamiliar Japanese system of job hunting. To address these issues, the GSAPS Student Association (GSA) has been organizing career and internship forums, which match corporations that are looking for global candidates with our students. The GSA career team, which is in charge of this forum, organizes and operates similar forums twice a year.
This Career & Internship Forums held in June and December were very successful, with the participation of sixteen corporations and other organizations. Over 130 students from GSAPS, as well as students from other faculties in Waseda University participated.

Name of Participated Corporations and Organizations

Cainz Co., Ltd., Nestle Japan Ltd., Cheerio Corporation, INPEX Corporation, Roberts Half Japan Ltd., Japan Foods Corporation, KOKUYO Co., Ltd., DeNA Co., Ltd., CAPCOM Co., Ltd., Sony Corporation, CRAMBLIT CONSULTING GROUP INC., Asian Community Trust(ACT), Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC), Asian Development Bank Institute(ADBI), United Nations University

Annual Schedule (Activity Log AY2012)

April Spring Orientation
Spring Welcome Party
Thursday Dinner
May Thursday Dinner
Young Research Club
June Thursday Dinner
Young Research Club
Summer Career Forum and Intern Forum
July Young Research Club
August Summer Graduation Party
September Fall Orientation
Fall Welcome Party
October Thursday Dinner
Young Research Club
November Thursday Dinner
Young Research Club
Alumni Job Hunting Forum
December Potluck Party
Winter Career and Internship Forum
Thursday Dinner
Young Research Club
January Student Teacher Dialogue
February Winter Graduation Party