Grade Announcement

Announcement of Grades

Please check here.

How to Check Grades

Please check through My Waseda. 

Inquiries on Grades

If you have any questions on grades, please make an inquiry during the above-mentioned announcement period.

Grades and GPA

 There are 5 levels of differentiated grades: A+, A, B, C and F.  A+, A, B and C are Pass; F is Failure. 
Repeated enrollment in the same course in the following terms is permitted for students if they receive F for their grade in that course.

Score 100~90 89~80 79~70 69~60 59~0 Pending

Grade Report on the MyWaseda

A+ A B C F
Indication on Transcript of Academic Record Not Indicated  

Indication on Transcript of Academic Record / GPA

Pass/Fail Pass Fail  

“*”: Evaluation not yet completed at the time the grades are issued, or the transferred Course.

GPA is calculated based on grades for all GSAPS courses registered and credits earned from all other courses that can count towards graduation, EXCEPT all “Non-credit courses”.

  • Grade Point: A+: 4.0, A: 3.0, B: 2.0, C: 1.0, F: 0.0
  • GPA is computed as follows (rourd off to two decimal places)

 A+ Credit Number (CN) × 4.0 + A CN × 3.0+B CN× 2.0+C CN × 1.0+F CN × 0.0 
Total Credit Number Registered

Grades are given in the “Grade Report”, which is the students’ personal record on the “MyWaseda” website. 
“Transcript of Academic Record” and “Transcript of Academic Record / GPA” are official documents that can be used for job application, admission to schools of higher education, etc. Only “Pass”grades are indicated (GPA is not indicated on “Transcript of Academic Record”).
All grades as an object of GPA (including “Fail”grades) and GPA are indicated on “Transcript of Academic Record / GPA”.

GSAPS Highest Honor List

GSAPS honors students who complete with high grades in each term.
Students who take 5 or more courses including intensive courses (except Project Research/ Non-credit courses) are eligible for the “Highest Honor List”.