MA Program

Master’s Thesis

Document Sample
Master’s Thesis Plan Ms-WORD
Template of Master’s Thesis Ms-WORD
Template of Summary Ms-WORD
Attestation of Authorship Ms-WORD
Front cover of thesis folder Ms-WORD
Submission list of Master’s Thesis Ms-WORD


PhD Program 

Formats necessary for PhD Program procedures

 Document  Format Sample 
 Research Performance Record (English) 

(June 2017 Submission)

 Doctoral Thesis Guidance Committee Establishment Report  Ms-WORD


 Research Plan Ms-WORD


 Summary of Interim Presentation Format (English) Ms-WORD


 Application for Interim Presentation Ms-WORD


 Report of Interim Presentation Ms-WORD



Formats necessary for submission of PhD dissertation

Students →Office

 Document  Format Sample 
 Doctoral Thesis Application Check List(English) #Updated on May 19th,2017 PDF
 Application for Doctral Degree (English) Ms-WORD Example(PDF)
 Curriculum Vitae / Research Achievements (English)* Ms-WORD
 Report of Completing On-demand Contents Related to Research Ethics Ms-WORD


 Attestation of Authorship (English) Ms-WORD Example(PDF)

 Consent Agreement Form (Kyodaku-sho) (English)

Ms-WORD Example(PDF)
 Summary of Doctoral Thesis (English) Ms-WORD Example(PDF)


 Document  Format Sample 
 On Verification of Academic Honesty (Plagiarism etc.)(for Chief Advisor) Ms-WORD Example(PDF)
 Report of Examination of Treatise  Ms-WORD  Example(PDF)

*If the deputy advisor is selected from outside the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (GSAPS) project research faculty, his/her CV should be submitted. (The format is the same when the PhD candidate submits his/her doctoral thesis.)  

Formats necessary for oral examination

 Document  Format Sample 
 Application for Oral Presentation Ms-WORD Example(PDF)
 On Verification of Academic Honesty (Plagiarism etc.)(for Screening Committee) Ms-WORD Example(PDF)
 Examination Report on the Doctoral Thesis Ms-WORD Example(PDF)


Procedure for Registration on “Research Ethics (For Reading / Watching)” course (On-demand course) 

#Only for PhD applicants who have completed the requirements of the Doctoral Program except for submission of the thesis and have withdrawn before September 20, 2016. 

Document Format
Application Form for Registration of Research Ethics (For Reading / Watching) [Format for alumni only] PDF
Attestation Form for using Course N@vi [Format for alumni only] PDF


Common in MA Program/PhD Program

About student Affairs

Leave of absence / Reregistration /Withdrawal/ Readmission
Proxy Form
Application for Change of Project Research

Credit Transfer

Application Form for Credit Transfer ( Credit earned before matriculation)

Application Form for Credit Transfer ( Credit earned during study abroad) ※Valid until AY 2016

Application Form for Credit Transfer ( Credit earned during study abroad) ※Valid after AY2017