FAQ(Academic Matters)

Q. I would like to change my project research.

A. You can change your project research after submitting your research plan and getting approval from the new faculty. The application can be made by the end of the second semester. Fill in the  designated application form , obtain signature from the new faculty and an academic adviser, and submit it to the GSAPS Office.
There are two academic advisers, but you need signature from one of them. However, if the project research faculty is an academic adviser, you need to ask the other academic adviser.

Q. I would like to read MA/PhD theses submitted in the past years.

A. The MA theses are available on the dedicated computer in the GSAPS Library (8th floor, Building NO.19).
  The PhD theses are available on Waseda University Repository .

Q. I would like to learn Japanese.

A.  There is a tutorial Japanese learning service offered by the GSAPS, where you pair up with a GSAPS student who can teach Japanese. Ask the GSAPS Office for more details.
     Also, the Center for Japanese Language offers a variety of Japanese language courses from the beginners level. Click here for more details on such courses.

Q.  I would like to know what kind of credits I have taken can be counted towards completion.

A. Please check this chart.