FAQ(Facilities and Service)

Q.  I would like to book a class room.
A. Please submit the application form  to the GSAPS Office.
     We only accept on the spot booking request from students for the day.  If you wish to book for the future date, please obtain a signature from one of   the GSAPS faculty.  Please note that classes, events, and application from faculties are prioritized.

Q. Can I borrow an umbrella in case of a sudden rain?
A. Room 707 (faculty room) on the 7th floor in the Building No. 19

Q. Where can I borrow the keys for the classroom facilities?
A. Room 707 (faculty room) on the 7th floor in the Building No. 19

Q. I would like to apply for a personal locker.
A. Apply from the MyWaseda application form.

Q. I forgot MyWaseda ID and/or password.
A. Check this website.

Q. I left my personol belongings somewhere.
A. Items lacking owner identification that are found in the Bldg. 19 are kept in the building management room (1F) or the GSAPS Office (7F).
After 3 months, they will be disposed of.

Q. I would like to make a scan/copy.
A. There are scanners/photocopy machines/printers in the GSAPS Library, and photocopy machines in the common room (8th floor).
Please purchase a copy card to use the photocopy machines. The vending machines for the cards are located in the common room.
To use the printers, prepare paper by yourself. (Available at the CO-OP)

Q. I would like to check the availability of the PC rooms on campus.
 A. Please check here.

Q. I would like to check which software is available in which PC room on campus.
A. Please check  here

Q. What will happen to My Waseda ID and Waseda email address after completion?
A. Please check here.