FAQ(Scholarship・Tuition and Fees)

Q. I would like to apply for scholarship.

A .●In order to be considered for any scholarships from Waseda University and
       External Scholarships with University Recommendation, students have to
       complete the Scholarship Registration first (Upon entrance and every April).

     ●You can apply for the Open External Scholarships without completing the Scholarship Registration.
        Students directly apply to each organization/Scholarship division of Waseda University
        based on the information posted on the bulletin board in front of the GSAPS Office.

        Please click here for more information.


Q. My tuition payment slip is out of date. Can I still use it?

A.  Yes, you can still use it thought your payment slip is out of the date.
      The staff in the bank might confirm you about it, but there is no problem.
      (There is a case that the staff in the bank call GSAPS Office to confirm.)


Q. I would like to know about the tuition and fees as an extended student.

A.  Please click here for information about the tuition and fees for extended student.


Q. I would like to pay my tuition and fees by credit card.

A.  The GSAPS Office will send you the payment link if you want to pay your tuition by credit card,
      so please contact us.
      Please note that transaction fees will cost.


Q. I would like to pay my tuition and fees by automatic bank transfer.

A.  There is a certain procedure you will need to follow, so please come to the GSAPS Office to pick up the application form.


Q. I would like to know the payment schedule.

A.  Please click here to check the payment schedule.

     Deadline of the tuition payment:
     [Bank Transfer]
      Please check the notification letter which will be sent prior to bank transfer for details on  the exact deduction date.

     [Paying by Payment Slip]
      Please complete the payment by the due date on the payment slip.

     *Final Deadline
         Spring Semester: September 20th
         Fall Semester:      March 31st