Certificates (For Current Students) / Student Discount / Student ID


Student certificates, transcripts of records, the certificate of expected graduation and any other certificates will be issued by the automatic certificate machines that are located within Waseda campus.
Student ID card, Waseda-Net Portal ID and its password are required. Other certificate after the graduation will be issued by the Office.
The automatic certificate machines are situated at the following places:
(For graduates)

Types of Certificate and Fee

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The issuable date for the Certificate of Expected Graduation for each semester

  • For the future graduates in March: June 1st
  • For the future graduates in September: November 1st

The automatic certificate machines on Waseda Campus

  • Bldg. No. 7 Student Lounge (1F)
  • Bldg. No. 14 Open Space (1F lobby)
  • Bldg. No. 25 Okuma Garden House (1F lobby)


Operation time for the automatic certificate and student-discount issuing machines
Q&A(Academic advising office)(Japanese only)

Certificate of Student Discounts

Automatic certificate machines on campus can issue student discount coupons.
The student needs to have Student ID card, Waseda-Net Portal ID and its password to use a machine.
The effective period is three months. The certificates can be issued 4 sheets per day and ten sheets per year.

Student Identification Card

The University issues Student Identification Card. Please carry it with you at all times, and be careful of damage or theft. Please take note of the following details:

  1. The student I.D. is composed of a student identification card and a seal. The student I.D. card becomes valid when the seal is stuck on the reverse side of the student I.D. The student I.D. card is valid for one year, from April 1 to March 31 of the following year, as shown on the seal.
  2. The GSAPS Office issues seals at the end of the academic year, so please stick on the new seal once it is issued.
  3. If the student changes the state of his/her status during the student’s matriculation, please submit either Request or Report to the University. Please input the new address on Profile of Waseda Net-Portal, and also report to the Office. Otherwise, the office cannot contact a student regarding important matters such as scholarship and lost/found, and this may result in problems for the student.
  4. Present one color picture and a 2,000 yen fee for the re-issuing of the student I.D. card after loss at the GSAPS Office. If re-issuing of the I.D. card occurs more than twice during one academic year, a signature of guarantor is necessary.
  5. Please present the student I.D. card when taking tests, entering the library and student reading room, applying for various certificates, discounts, and commutation certificates and when being requested by university faculty and staff.
  6. Please return the student I.D. card to the GSAPS Office upon completion of or withdrawal from the University. On completion of the program, a degree is conferred upon the student upon return of the student I.D. card; therefore, please carry it with you until that date.

Student ID Number (FYI)

The student I.D. number is as follows;

a graduate school code (40 for Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies)
b the last two digits of the entrance year
c program code

R for M.A. Program in International Relations

S for PhD Program
d personal number
e check-digit (CD)