Recent Graduates of Global Development Program

SEID Brhan Yasin


JICA Long term Trainee

My two years in GSAPS, Waseda University.

Some call it great, others call it awesome. Excellent is the word I prefer to say about my two years stay at the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (GSAPS), Waseda University. What made it excellent? To mention a few, the combination of students I met from all over the populated continents, the friendliness of the professors in every course I attended, the administration staff who smile for everyone passing by the corridor – even if they are not visiting them, every other thing in that building 19. The very first abroad university I have studied in, gave me the beautiful opportunity in a globalized environment in terms of quality education, authentic academic experience, a mixture of students from all over the world and friendly people. I am a very lucky person and so grateful to have studied at Waseda University, where I have met several people with amazing talents, knowledge and experience. I must admit that I have learned a lot from everyone I knew, inspired by their spirit of learning and encouraged by their motivational words.

Being a JICA scholarship recipient for government employee in my country makes my study, a double mission. On one hand, I have to study with full dedication in order to get as much knowledge and experience as possible; applicable to develop my country and contribute to the development effort Japan is putting towards us. On the other hand, I have to play a diplomatic role bridging the societies of Japan and my country. In this way, I think all JICA scholarship recipients have to play a major role in improving and fostering the relationship between the respective countries and their societies.

Today, I am a very proud alumni of Waseda University. But my mission is half completed, as my mission as a diplomatic channel between the school, the countries and our societies continues. So, I say, let us work together and realize our dreams come true!


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