URATA Shujiro

Ph.D. in Economics, Stanford University
Research Associate, The Brookings Institution (1978-1981)
Economist, The World Bank (1981-1986)
Professor, School of Social Sciences, Waseda University (1994-2005)
Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University (2005-Present)

■Field of Specialization:
 International Economics
 Development Economics
■Research Theme:
 Regional Economic Integration in Asia-Pacific
 Japan’s Foreign Trade Policy
 International Trade/Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development
■Major Works / Publications Awards:
 【Major Works】
  Economic Consequences of Globalization: Evidence from East Asia, World Scientific,2012 [co-edited]
  Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific, Routledge ,2010 [co-edited]
  Japan Society of International Economics, Kiyoshi Kojima Award, 2010
■Academic Societies / Service to Society:
 【Academic Societies】
  East Asia Economic Association
  Japanese Economic Association
  The Japan Society of International Economy
 【Service to Society】
  Member of Council on Customs, Tariff, Foreign Exchange and other Transactions, Ministry of Finance Japan
■Research Project:
  MA:International Economic Issues in Asia-Pacific ( Not available from September 2018Admission)
  PhD:International Economic Issues in Asia-Pacific (Not available from September 2017 Admission)
■Research theme, outline of project research seminar, message to prospects:
 I am interested in developing human resources that can contribute to economic development/economic growth of not only individual countries but also regions and the whole world.
■Web Page/ Researcher DB:


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