B.A., Department of Government, Wesleyan University (1989)
M.A., Department of Government, Cornell University (1994)
Ph.D., Dept. of Government, Cornell University (1998)

Research Associate, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo (1996-1998)
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1998-2005)
Regional Affairs Officer, Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism, U.S. State Department (2000)
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2006-2007)
Professor, Department of East Asian Studies, Princeton University (2007-2017)

■Field of Specialization:
Japanese Politics, East Asian Security, Culture and International Relations

■Research Theme:
International and regional norms, history and memory, social movements, economic justice, and empire and resistance

■Major Works / Publications Awards:
【Major Works】
The Rules of Play: National Identity and the Shaping of Japanese Leisure (Cornell University Press, 2003)
Think Global, Fear Local: Sex, Violence, and Anxiety in Contemporary Japan (Cornell University Press, 2006)
Japanese Aid and the Construction of Global Development (co-editor with Kay Warren; Routledge, 2010)
International Affairs Fellowship-Japan, Council on Foreign Relations/Hitachi (1999-2000)
International Affairs Fellowship, Council on Foreign Relations (1999-2000)
Advanced Research Fellowship, U.S.-Japan Program, Harvard University (2001-2002)
Smith Richardson Foundation National Security Fellowship (2002)
Abe Fellowship (2003)
Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2007)
Toshiba International Prize, Japan Forum (2011)
Cotsen Faculty Fellowship, Princeton University (2013-2016)
Toyota Visiting Professorship, University of Michigan (2015-2016)

■Academic Societies/Service:
【Academic Societies】
American Political Science Association
Association for Asian Studies
Chief Editor (with Amitav Acharya), Studies in Asian Security series, Stanford University Press (2010-present)
Member, Editorial Board, American Political Science Review (September 2016  – present)
Program Committee Member, Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting (2011-2013)
Conference Manager, Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, Association for Asian Studies (2011)
International Advisory Council Member, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo (2014)
Advisor,  Summer Institute, Japan Foundation (Summer 2016)
American Advisory Committee Member, Japan Foundation (2013-2017)

■Research Project:
MA: Culture and Politics in the Asia-Pacific
PhD: Culture, Identity, and Politics in the Asia-Pacific

■Research theme, outline of project research seminar, message to prospects:
Political practice is shaped by more than strategy and intention. The international system includes cultural dynamics at both the global and regional levels that affect the range of political activity available to states. In this project, we will examine how people — citizens and leaders alike — rationalize, narrate, and justify their behavior as being appropriate and correct, not just strategic and smart. And we will explore how these broader dimensions of politics shape practices in the Asia-Pacific region. This means there is a broad array of potential research topics: international and regional norms, history and memory, social movements, economic justice, and empire and resistance.

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