KIM Ilju

■Degree:Ph.D. in Sociology, McGill University
■Background:Assistant Professor, Tohoku University International Graduate School of Accounting Policy (2017-2019)
■Field of Specialization:Citizenship, International Migration, Gender, Qualitative Methods
■Research Theme:Immigrants' citizenship practices and political incorporation, Immigrants' labor market participation, Organizational behavior
■Major Works / Publications Awards:
【Major Works】
• Kim, Ilju. “Diverging Paths: Work and Associational Lives of Filipina Marriage Migrants in South Korea”, Social Theory and Dynamics, vol.2, pp.76-93 (2018)
• Jung, Heung-Jun, Sung-Chul Noh, and Ilju Kim. “Relative Deprivation of Temporary Agency Workers in the Public Sector: The Role of Public Service Motivation and the Possibility of Standard Employment.” Human Resource Management Journal 28 (3): 410–426. (2018)
• Noh, Sung-Chul & Ilju Kim. “Intra-organizational political process and organizational responses to institutional pluralism in two public broadcasters.” Korean Academy of Management 26(2): 83-112. (2018)

■Academic Societies / Service to Society:
【Academic Societies】:
American Sociological Association
Japan Association for Migration Policy Studies

【Service】: N/A


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