Bachelor of Law, Faculty of Law, Keio University
M.C.L. (Master of Comparative Law) , School of Law, University of Miami
Sumitomo Bank (Tokyo, New York)
United Nations Headquarters, Legal Office (New York)
Chairman, UN Headquarters Property Investigation Board
Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University (present)

■Field of Specialization:
 International Co-operation and Laws of Asia-Pacific Region
 International Organizations and International Law
■Research Theme:
 An academic approach for settlement of various issues in the Asia-Pacific region.
 Legal approach for the activities of international organizations in the Asia-Pacific region.
■Major Works / Publications Awards:
 【Major Works】
  “A New Framework of the United Nations in Global Changes and the Role of Japan”
  “New Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the United Nations”
  “The Decline of U.S. Hegemonic Power and New Perspective on the U.S.-Japan Relationship”
  “A New Concept for Implementation of Preventive Diplomacy Under the Revised United Nations Security Council”
  United Nations University, Award for Eisaku Sato Memorial Thesis Contest
■Academic Societies / Service to Society:
 【Academic Societies】
  Japanese Society of International Law
  United Nations Association
 【Service to Society】
  Visiting Scholar, Oxford University Wolfson College, U.K. (Waseda-Oxford Exchange Program)
  Special Lecturer to Prosecutors of Ministry of Justice
  Member, Advisory Councils for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
■Research Project:
 MA:International Co-operation in the APEC Region and Laws
 PhD:International Organizations and International Co-operation (Not available from September 2019 Admission)
■Research theme, outline of project research seminar, message to prospects:
 The purpose of the project study is to provide students a comprehensive understanding of the aspects of international cooperation including the history, structure, legal framework, and actors of various projects which have been done in APEC region. The students will learn concepts and practices of the details of the projects implemented by various governments, NGO/NPOs, and international organizations. For instance, through both academic approach and field work experiences in multinational cooperation within the above targeted area, it is aimed to obtain practical achievements. Students are expected to focus on and analyze information from various governments and related international organizations, to take in knowledge on international law needed in determining international cooperation, and to construct a framework for practical cooperation.
■Web Page/ Researcher DB:



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