Ph.D. in Law, Keio University
Assistant Professor, School of Education, Waseda University(2000~2002)
Associate Professor, School of Education, Waseda University(2002~2007)
Professor, School of Education, Waseda University
Visiting Scholar, Stanford University (2005-2006)
Visiting Scholar, The George Washington University (2016-2017)
Associate Professor, Waseda University, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (2017- present)


■Field of Specialization
International Relations, Political Science
Contemporary China’s Foreign Policy, Politics in Contemporary China

■Research Theme
Chinese Foreign Policy and Domestic Decision-making
China, Japan, U.S. Relations
East Asian Security
Regional Integration in Asia
Cross-Strait Relations 

■Major Works/Publications Awards:
【Major Works】
A Diplomatic History of China, University of Tokyo Press, 2017
China and the Future of International Order
, University of Tokyo Press, 2015
China’s Asia Policy in the Post-Cold War Era, University of Tokyo Press, 2013
Contemporary China’s Foreign Policy, Keio University Press, 2007
【Publication Awards】
Contemporary China’s Foreign Policy (Keio University Press 2008), was honored with the 24th Masayoshi Ohira Foundation Memorial Prize

■Academic Societies/Service to Society
【Academic Societies】
Japan Association of International Relations
Japan Association for Asian Studies
Japan Association for Modern China Studies
【Service to Society】
Director, Waseda Institute of Contemporary Chinese Studies (2018.4~present)
Member of Board of Directors, Japan Association for Asian Studies(2016.4~present)
Member of Board of Directors, Japan Association for Modern China Studies(2013~2014)
Councilor, Council on East Asian Community
Committee Member of the Editorial Board of East Asian Studies (2017.8~present)

■Research Project:  
MA:   Politics and International Relations of China 
PhD:  Politics and International Relations of Contemporary China

■Research theme, outline of project research seminar, message to prospects:
China’s regional and global rise has had profound economic, political, and security implications. The rise of China has become an important topic in both academic and policy circles.
This project research seminar focuses on politics and foreign policy in contemporary China. It aims to educate future academics and specialists with advanced skills, and to train practitioners able to carry out incisive analysis on China.

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