KATO Atsushi

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Daito-Bunka University(1996‐99)
Associate Professor, School of Business, Aoyama Gakuin University(1999‐2010)
Professor, School of Business, Aoyama Gakuin University(2010‐2016)
Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University(2016‐present)

■Field of Specialization:
Economic Development, Industrial Development, Indian Economy

■Research Theme:
Political Economy of Economic Development
Economic Development of India

■Major Works / Publications Awards:
・2012  Theory of Economic Development  (in Japanese)  Chuo Keizai Sha.
・2009 “Product Market Competition and Productivity in Indian Manufacturing Industry.”  Journal of Development Studies, vol.45(10), pp.1579-1593.
・2013 “Threats to Property Rights: Effects on Economic Performance of the Manufacturing Sector in India.” (co-authored with Takahiro Sato), Journal of Asian Economics, vol.26, pp.65-81.
・2014 “The Effect of Corruption on the Manufacturing Sector in India.” (co-authored with Takahiro Sato),Economics of Governance, vol.15(2), pp.155-178. February, 2014. 
・2013  The Special Award of the Japan Society for International Development.
・2014 Award of Excellence of the 30th Eisaku Sato Essay Contest, Eisaku Sato Memorial Foundation for Cooperation with United Nations University.

■Academic Societies / Service to Society:
【Academic Societies】
American Economic Association
Japan Economic Association
Japan Society for International Development
Japanese Association for South Asian Studies

■Research Project:
MA:Economic Development and Policy in Asia
Ph.D. : Economic Development and Governance

■Research theme, outline of project research seminar, message to prospects:
In this project students are expected to examine the state of main determinants of
economic development of Asian countries, and relate the various policies by governments
to the economic performance of each country. Not only economic development
strategies and industrialization policy, but also other public policies such as
educational policy and security measures, which are related to economic
development, are also considered. Each student can focus on one country and investigate
several aspects of public policy in relation to economic development, or pay
attention to one area of public policy and make comparative analysis across
several Asian countries. In Ph.D. seminar, we conduct political economic
analysis of economic development, and investigate the reasons for the
difference in economic development strategies.

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