■Degree:Ph.D. (Comparative and International Education), Kobe University
  ・Japan Society for the Promotion of Science DC1(2012-2014)
  ・Part-time Lecturer, Kwansei Gakuin University(2013-2018)
  ・Research Fellow, Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, Kobe University(2014-2015)
  ・Programme Officer, UNESCO Bangkok Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education(2014-2017)
  ・Postdoctral Fellow, Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science PD)(2016-2018)

■Field of Specialization:
  ・Educational Development, Comparative and International Education, Sociology of Education

■Research Theme:
 ・Enrollment Situations in Developing Countries
 ・International Cooperation in Education
 ・Internationalization/Globalization of Higher Education

■Major Works / Publications Awards:
【Major Works】

  • Akemi Ashida. 2018. The actual effect on enrollment of “Education for All”: Analysis using longitudinal individual data, Osaka: Union Press. (JASID Awards 2018, Incentive Award)
  • Takeshi Sekiya and Akemi Ashida. “An Analysis of Primary School Dropout Patterns in Honduras,”, Journal of Latinos and Education, 16:1, 65-73.
  • Akemi Ashida and Takeshi Sekiya. 2016. “Changes in the repetition and dropout Situation in Honduran primary education since the late 1980s,” Education 3-13: International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education, 44:4, 458-477.
  • Akemi Ashida. 2015. “Study of factors preventing children from enrolment in primary school in the Republic of Honduras: analysis using structural equation modelling,” Education 3-13: International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education, 43:5, 579-594.

 ■Academic Societies / Service to Society:
【Academic Societies】: 
 ・Japan Society for International Development
 ・Japan Comparative Education Society
 ・Japan Society of Educational Sociology
 ・Comparative and International Education Society
 ・United Nations Student Volunteer (2008.5-2008.9)
 ・Board member, Association of International Cooperation and Training (2013-present)

■Web Page/ Researcher DB


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