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Global Asia Research Center: Toward Reconciliation and Sustainable Development

  • Structure of New Academic Knowledge

    The aim of our research center is to contribute to global interdisciplinary scholarship on reconciliation and sustainable development and to disseminate its results from Asia to the world. We pursue our research through the dual perspective of global history and global governance, integrating three spheres of knowledge: peace and security, economics and development, and society and culture.

  • From Asia to The World

    From Asia to The World

    Global history and global governance are already well-established fields of study but it has not yet developed a distinctively East Asian perspective. East Asian global history and global governance put at their center the problems of imperialism, colonialism, and war, which are inseparably bound up with each other. In pursuing reconciliation in East Asia, a critical reexamination of Japanese war responsibility and colonialism are necessary. In Europe, war and colonial responsibilities have been discussed separately and, while advances have been made on the question of war responsibility, debate over the legacy of colonialism has only begun recently. The study of the East Asian experience enables us to bring together these two issues of war and colonialism and thus its implications will be of tremendous global significance. On the issue of sustainable development, the study of East Asia is also globally relevant, for Asia is known as a region of great diversity that exhibits wide gaps in economic inequality. As Europe and the rest of the world have become more economically unequal and increasingly diversified through immigration, the study of sustainable development in East Asia will have deeply global implications.

  • Chemistry of Interdisciplinary Research

    Chemistry of  Interdisciplinary Research

    Our center consists of specialists in the following diverse fields: history, development studies, economic development, media studies, sociology, international relations, international law, area studies, peace and conflict resolution studies, social change, and political theory. We aim to create new academic knowledge by integrating these diverse fields through the pursuit of common themes and by disseminating globally significant scholarly research. Our center will also summarize the results of this research as policy statements and publicize it in the form of Waseda Policy Papers.

  • Fostering Global Leaders

    Waseda University was born in the late nineteenth century, when the tide of democracy was reaching the shores of Asia, and it has developed as a node of global change. From every corner of Japan and from Asia and various parts of the world, a multitude of talented people have gathered together and learned from each other at our university, graduating to become leaders with profound insight and humanity. For example, Waseda University, in collaboration with Peking University and Korea University, established the CAMPUS Asia Program in 2016. CAMPUS Asia aims to train undergraduate students to become global leaders of the next generation and lead international conflict resolution and social change. Our research center, rooted in such long-standing tradition and experience, undertakes the development of passionate, technically proficient individuals who will contribute to resolving various problems facing the world today.


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