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AY2021 Azusa Ono Memorial Scholarship (Deadline: October 18)

(Waseda University Scholarship)   AY2021 Azusa Ono Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is for students facing financial difficulties in pursuing their studies. Please follow the procedures below to apply for the scholarship.

1.Number of Recipients of IPS:  Details Later
2.Annual Amount of Scholarship:400,000 yen
※Scholarship will be paid to your bank account in a lump

3.Requirements :
(1)Regular privately financed international students
※ Students who have Japanese nationality or resident status of “permanent resident”(eijusha), “long-term resident”(teijusha), “spouse/child of a Japanese resident”, or “spouse/child of a permanent resident” are NOT eligible.
(2)Students whose academic fees are NOT supported by MEXT, overseas government, or other organizations, and who have financial difficulties.
(3)Students who will be able to graduate within a regular term.
(4)Students who do not receive other scholarships from Waseda University

  • Students who receive the following scholarship are NOT Eligible.
    ・KSRP Scholarship AY2021
    ・Partial Tuition-Waiver scholarship AY2021
    ・Reserved Scholarship for Successful International Examinees
    ・Asahi Kosan Scholarship AY2021

4.Application Form : AY2021 Azusa Ono Memorial Scholarship

5.Deadline : October 18, 2021  By 3:00PM  【No Acception after deadline】

6.Where to submit: Application form * Please log in My Waseda


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