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Permit to car parking (Student parking & Staff parking)

In order to park on campus staff and students will need to purchase and display the parking permit. For more details, please contact IPS Office.


Cost (From April to March)
Students JPY3,000 *
Staff JPY36,000
  • Handling Fee will be charged separately.
  • * JPY1,500yen/6months(From April to September or From October to March) * Only students who graduate in September


Direct Debit

Required documents

  1. Application Form for parking permit
    【For students】 / 【For Staff】
  2. Direct Debit Application Form   ** Obtain from IPS Office
  3. Copy of your driver’s license
  4. A copy of automobile inspection certificate
  5. A copy of compulsory automobile liability insurance
  6. A copy of voluntary insurance


IPS Office

Designated parking area

Designated Parking area For Student and Staff (IPS)

Please park your car in the designated parking area. Parking in other area is strictly prohibited.


In order to cancel your contract, you must notify IPS Office one month in advance.

*You have to return the permission card to IPS Office by cancellation date.
*You cannot park in parking area after you return the permit.

Required documents

  1. Cancellation Form (For Staff and Students) H28.8
  2. Bank account Information for cancellation refund   ※Only contract with one-off payment


IPS Office


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