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Issuing certificate of expected graduation

Certificate of expected graduation is issued from June 1st or November 1st right after judgement.
It is not available in case it is not possible to graduate due to taking a leave of absence etc., even if requirements are met.


  • Certificate of expected graduation is not available from Aug. 19th to Aug.26th, 2021.
  • Those who are scheduled to graduate in September 2021 will not be issued a Certificate of Expected Graduation after the graduation is confirmed on Aug.27. If necessary, please issue it by Aug.18.
  • It does not certify that requirements for graduation are filled.
  • In case you do not present Intermediate Presentation for master’s thesis, the expected graduation date will be basically extended to half a year later.

Please see “Issuing Certificates of Expected Graduation” about the term of judgement, and the date of expected graduation.


Issuing Certificate of Expected Graduation 2021 spring

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