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Application for SAKURA House “A”(Deadline : 27th July)

1.  Who can apply

An applicant has to meet all below.

  • Regular Student of IPS
  • International Students (with college student visa)  who enrolled  Sep. 2019. (*except F course)
  • Students who live in the dormitories designated by IPS.
  • Students who can submit all the necessary documents by the deadline.
  • Students who can attend the dormitory briefing held on Sep. 11th and 14th, 2020. (Attendance by substitute is not allowed)
  • Students who can move on the day which WASEDA University designates(Sep. 14th, 2020).

2. Number of the rooms for application

About 40 Rooms ※It may be greatly reduced by circumstances

3. How to apply

Application form Source
①-1 北九州学術研究都市留学生宿舎 入居申込書  / Kitakyushu Science and Research Park Apartment complex for international students  




①-2 連絡先シート/ For contact sheet
①-3 アンケート/ Questionnaire

 4. Announcement of successful applicants

  • Date:  Jul. 31st, 2020 (Fri) around 16:00
  • Winners will be announced on the IPS bulletin board after a rigid drawing.
  • Only winner will be notified by e-mail separately.
  • Even if you are defeated, we may be able to introduce other apartment if you wish. Please consult with IPSRC Office.

5. Procedure of the elected students

Application form Source
①-1 生活状況(収入)明細書/Living situation detailed statement
Only complete if you are unable to provide ②
①-2 家族状況調査書/Family situation overview
前年分の収入を証する書類/Documentation certifying previous year’s income
・市県民税所得額証明書/Certificate of prefectural tax
The Ward Office of your residential address as of January 1st 2019
推薦状/Recommendation download(①-1~2、③、④)
誓約書/Written oath
住民票 [写し]/Certificate of residence (copy) The Ward Office of your current residential address
在学証明書/Certificate of  enrollment IPS Office

6. Move-in date

  • Date: Sep. 14th, 2020(Mon)
  • Since you can move in after the briefing in the dormitory, you must attend.
  • Attendance by substitute is not allowed

7. Contact Us

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