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[Designated Activities Visa] Continuing job-hunting activities after graduation


Restarting of Recommendation letter application for visa change(May 26, 2020 updated)

Career center restarts accepting the recommendation letter applications for visa status change, IPS office also restarts accepting the applications for it.Please send  all documents to IPS office ([email protected]) .



If international students(regular students) continue looking for a job after graduation, you have to change your visa status from Student ”留学” to Designated Activities ”特定活動”. You CAN’T look for a job with visa status of Student ”留学”. *Period : A maximum of 1 year after graduation (including once extension)


You have to submit bellow (1)~(6) documents to the immigration office.

  1. Documents certifying your ability to cover all expenses to be incurred during your stay in Japan In the event a person other than yourself is to defray expenses, present a document substantiating the person’s defraying ability and a statement describing the background.
  2. Certificate of graduation or certificate of expected graduation from the university enrolled in just before application
  3. Recommendation letter from the university enrolled in just before application
  4. Documents verifying you have continued full-time job-hunting
  5. Application for Change of Status of Residence (Download form Website of Immigration Services Agency of Japan)
  6. Passport and Residence Card

Applying for (3)Recommendation letter from the university

Please submit the following documents to the IPS Office. A recommendation letter will be issued on 2weeks later after you apply.

  1. Application form
  2. Job hunting activities report
  3. Report of Job-Hunting Activity plan after graduation
  4. A copy of Residence card (Both-side)

The Career Center will issue (3)the recommendation letter on condition that you satisfy the following.

  1.  You started job-hunting when you were enrolled in the University as a full-time student and have continued activities to date.
  2.  You have completed the registration procedures, “進路希望登録” , through MyWaseda.
  3.  You have submitted or intend to submit “Recommendation Letter Request Form” , a PDF document used to request your recommendation letter, and “Job-Hunting Activities Report” , a PDF document used to report your job-hunting activities, to the Career Center. Note that the description of your job-hunting activities in the report must be verified objectively. Keep record of your activities (schedule, interview, group discussion, seminars, etc.) and, if any, retain written correspondence such as announcements and e-mails from companies to attach to the report. The report will suffice (4) above which, along with your application, will be submitted to the Regional Immigration Bureau.
  • Please note that the issue date of documents (evidence of job-hunting) to be submitted must be within the LAST THREE MONTHS prior to the date of recommendation letter application, and there must be at least ONE evidence which shows your full-time job-hunting activities WHILE still enrolled at the University as a student, if you are applying for the recommendation letter after you graduate from WASEDA University.
  • The Career Center will NOT be able to issue any recommendation letters to applicants who have graduated from the University for more than THREE months, even if he/ she possesses “job-hunting evidence and documents while still being enrolled at the University”. We will strongly advise that you apply for the change BEFORE you graduate.
  •  If you wish to apply for a renewal of the period of stay after the first 6 months have passed, you must undergo the same application procedure. It is advised that you keep all the job-hunting records necessary to have a recommendation letter newly issued. Please apply BEFORE the visa expires, preferably at least four weeks in advance.

Contact Career Centre

Waseda University Career Centre
3rd floor Gakusei-kaikan, 1-24-1 Toyama, Shinjukuku, 162-8644 Tokyo

TEL : 03(3203)4332
FAX : 03(3208)3275
E-mail : [email protected]
Website :

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