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Provisional Laboratory Assignment

Please check the maximum number for assignment with an attached “Schedule of Laboratory Assignment 2020 spring”(from p12). Regarding the laboratories which are not on the pages, you can not apply for a provisional laboratory assignment as professors who are planning to retire and assistant professors are not eligible.

For your provisional laboratory assignment request, please contact with a supervisor of your first choice by email between May 11th – 16th, 5pm. When you contact with a supervisor, you should send your “Self-Introduction Sheet” without fail. You might have an interview if necessary.

Students who are not assigned by the first provisional laboratory assignment application, please email “2nd Provisional Research laboratory Application Form 2020” to IPS office by 2pm, May 21st.

Steps for Provisional Laboratory Assignment

①Contact with a supervisor of your choice by email(May.11~May.16, 5pm)
②Supervisors report their accepted students to IPS office (by May.18)
③Announcement of assigned Students (May.19 on the bulletin board and web)
④Submit ”Campus Card Setting-up Application Form” to IPS office(by 5pm, May.27)

Steps for 2nd Provisional Laboratory Assignment(only unassigned students)

①Submit your 2nd provisional laboratory Application form to IPS office (by 2pm, May.21)
②Result is announced based on your examination score(May.22 on the bulletin board and web)
③Submit ”Campus Card Setting-up Application Form” to IPS office(by 5pm, May.27)

Deadline for Registration

   1st : 5pm, May 16th, 2020

   2nd : 2pm, May 21st, 2020


Master Students entered in April 2020 and un-assigned Master course students.

* Submit ”Campus Card Setting-up Application Form” during submission period May. 19th -27th to IPS office.



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