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Important Notice for Current Students (Last Updated: April 20, 2020)

(IMPORTANT) For current students:

Regarding the programs/events in the end March and the beginning of April 2020

In order to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and ensure the well-being of students, parents, faculty and staff, the university has decided to cancel and/or postpone all programs/ events scheduled to take place before May 11th when class for AY2020 Spring Semester starts.

Based on the decision above, the schedules of the programs/ events at the Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems in the end March and the beginning of April 2020 have been changed. We will inform the latest information by this website.

Announcement from Health Support Cente

Academic calendar for undergraduate and graduate schools / Schedules for new academic year

1.We will postpone health check-up for students scheduled in April.(2020/3/13Added)

2. Course Registration (2020/3/24 Added)

・There is no change to the course registration schedule for the spring semester 2020.
・Please check the Timetable, Syllabus, etc., and register within the period.
・Please check the IPS Square 「Course Registration」 page for details.

3. Announcement on Start Date of Spring 2020 Semester (2020/3/25 Added)

4. IPS Counseling room will be closed (2020/4/15 Added)

IPS Counseling room will be close for April.14th,21st and 28th due to closing of Kitakyushu campus. Please see more details at IPS counseling room.

5. 2020Spring FAIS Japanese course will be cancelled (2020/4/15 Added)

6. Academic calendar and class calendar update (2020/4/20 Added)

IPS Schedule have been updated in line with the decision on the start dates for classes in 2020.
Please check from IPS Square “Schedule, Timetable, Syllabus“.

※The schedule is  to be announced on above website. Please review it carefully.

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