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IPS Counseling Room 

IPS Counseling Room

We are here for you to make your IPS life more satisfying and meaningful.

“I want to meet people from other parts of the world.” “I want to be successful worldwide.” There are many students who came to IPS with great excitement and hope. In fact, there is great potential for students to enjoy the school life and grow in IPS. Meanwhile, it is common to experience great stress in graduate school. We would like to provide as much support to help you get through difficult times.  Please feel free to come and talk to us when you have something bothering you, EVEN IF YOU THINK IT IS SMALL!

Make an appointment

1. Call us during Office Hour

2. Inquire directly at the Counseling Room during Office Hour:
Every Tuesday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm(Japanese/ English)
Every Tuesday 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm(Chinese/ Japanese)

3. E-mail the counselors to make an appointment
*Notice: mails are only checked and replied during Office Hour

Email: [email protected]   Phone : 093-616-0679
On the 2nd floor in IPS Research Center (right next to the elevator).

Student Counseling Service Schedule   About us

1月 January Schedule January, 2021
2月 February
3月 March
4月 April
5月 May
6月 June
7月 July
8月 August
9月 September
10月 October
11月 November
12月 December Schedule December, 2020



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