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Important Notice for New Students (Last Updated: April 2,2020)

(IMPORTANT) For New Students:

Regarding the entrance ceremony and guidance in Academic Year 2020

In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and ensure the well-being of students, parents, faculty and staff, the Graduate school of Information, Production and Systems, Waseda University has decided to cancel all entrance ceremonies scheduled to take place in April 2nd.

March 2020 Graduation & April 2020 Entrance Ceremonies

We will inform you the update information about new students guidance etc in this website.

1. Student ID card, My Waseda ID and email address others(2020/3/25 Added)

We give you an initial Waseda ID and Password on April 1st at Kitakyushu campus. After that, you can get My Waseda email address and My waseda ID. You have to register it for course registration on April 3rd. For students who can not enter in Japan, we  will send you email so please check it.

2. Health check-up for students(2020/3/13 Added)

We will postpone health check-up for students scheduled in April.

3. Course Registration (2020/3/24 Added)

・There is no change to the course registration schedule for the spring semester 2020.
・Please check the Timetable, Syllabus, etc., and register within the period.
・Please check the IPS Square 「Course Registration」 page for details.

4. Announcement on Start Date of Spring 2020 Semester (2020/3/25 Added)

5. Orientation materials(2020/3/31 Added)

New student Orientation(For international students)2020APR

International student Orientation 2020APR

202004 Course Guidance  (2020/4/2 Added)

※The schedule is  to be announced on above website. Please review it carefully.

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