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Student Visa : Notification of the accepting organization

Student Visa : Notification of the accepting organization

Immigration Bureau of Japan:
Notification of the accepting organization(”Professor,””Highly Skilled Professional(i)(c),””Highly Skilled Professional(ii)(c),” “Business Manager,” “Legal/Accounting Services,””Medical Services,””Instructor,””Intercompany Transferee,” “Technical Intern Training,””College Student,””Trainee”)

Notification of the accepting organization

When you enter/transfer our school from other universities or Japanese language school, you are required to report to the Immigration Bureau within 14 days after the change takes places.
Please submit the form at the Immigration Bureau or by post if you haven’t done this procedure yet.


  • In case where you enter from other universities or Japanese language school
    → Submit 1) or 2) to immigration bureau of Japan

1)Accepting organization : left the organization および Accepting organization : transfer
2)Accepting organization : left and transfer

(Sample/ How to fill in the accepting organization form)

Language:      English      Chinese    Japanese

1)Sample: Accepting organization (left)  Sample: Accepting organization (transfer)

2)Sample: Accepting organization (left and transfer)

【How to submit】

  • by postal mail
    (Mailing address)
    Notification Reception
    Resident Management Information Department
    Tokyo Immigration Bureau
    5-5-30 Konan Minatoku, Tokyo, 108-8255

**Please write “NOTIFICATION ENCLOSED” on the envelope with red ink.
**Please enclose a copy of your residence card.

  • In cases where you bring the notification form to the office: the Regional Immigration Office in charge of your address
    Fukuoka Regional Immigration Bureau Kita Kyushu Branch Office
    Address  :Kokura Joint Government Bldg.4F, 5-1 Jonai, Kokura-Kita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka
    Phone  : 093-582-6915
    FAX    : 093-582-5935
    **Please take your residence card.
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