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Schedule, Timetable, Syllabus

Some lectures will be held on national holidays to keep enough number of course days.

Course days 2018-2019

Jul. 16th, Mon Marine Day
Oct. 8th, Mon Health and Sports Day
Nov. 23th, Fri Labor Thanksgiving Day

**IPS office will be opened on these course days.

Substitute Holidays 2018-2019

May 1st, Tue
May 2nd, Wed
Nov. 1st, Thu
Nov. 2nd, Fri

**IPS office will be closed on the substitute holidays except November 1st.


Time Table


〈Correction of Course Registration Guide 2018〉
・Fall Semester 「Energy Engineering」  change of timetable and Classroom (False) Wed. 2nd period /Classroom No.1 → (True) Wed. 3rd period / Classroom No.9
・Fall Semester 「Career management」 change of language   (False) Japanese only → (True) Japanese and English

Change information that occurred after publication is not reflected.
Please check the latest information on Web syllabus.

Web Syllabus

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