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Contingency measures due to severe weather

Any decision to cancel classes, to postpone examinations, and to enact other contingency measures due to severe weather, shall be the responsibility of the university, and shall not be based solely on warnings and advisories issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency. However, when the weather conditions are severe (heavy rainfall, flooding, high winds, blizzard conditions, heavy snow, etc.) or when Japan Meteorological Agency sets alarm, and the university announces that current conditions expose students and employees to risk, the university will enact contingency measures such as the cancellation of classes, postponement of examinations, etc. Directives enacting such contingency measures on any campus (or campuses) shall apply to all courses and examinations taking place on the designated campus (or campuses).

  1. Based on prevalent weather conditions such as during a typhoon, heavy snow, etc. where forecasts with reasonable accuracy can be made, and the University deems that conditions pose a danger to the safety of students and employees, the University will issue an emergency bulletin a day in advance to cancel classes, postpone examinations, etc. In such cases, a decision will be made by no later than 7 pm and a notification posted for students through the University’s website and other communication channels by 9 pm on the day prior to the day in question.
  2. In all other circumstances which do not fall under Item 1 above, any directive to cancel classes, postpone examinations, etc. will be issued no less than 60 minutes before the start of each affected class period and examination. Notifications will be posted on the University’s website, as well as being disseminated via other communication channels.
    *For the purposes of emergency bulletins, the Art and Architecture School, as well as the Kawaguchi Art School of Waseda University are grouped together with the Nishi-Waseda Campus.

Emergency Communication Channels

  1. Waseda University Website
  2. Waseda University Emergency Bulletin Website (Yahoo! Japan Blog) (Mobile phone-compatible)

Special Exemptions to the Cancellation of Classes and Examination Postponements

  • On-Demand courses : Directives to cancel classes do not apply.

In general, during severe and dangerous weather conditions, the University will issue a directive to cancel classes, postpone examinations, etc. All affected students are expected to keep themselves informed and heed such directives. Students are advised to delay their commute or to refrain from coming to the University when their commuting routes (to the campus where their respective classes are taking place) are under any severe weather warnings issued by the Meteorological Agency, and they feel that commuting will endanger their safety. In such cases, the student should process a completed Report of Absence Form (Kesseki-todoke) with his/her affiliated undergraduate school (graduate school), and ask the course instructor in question for due consideration regarding his/her absence.

Sources of Weather Information

  1. NTT telephone service (Tel: 177)
  2. Meteorological Agency web site
  3. Japan Weather Association web site
  4. Television, radio and other mass media


Kesseki-todoke (Form)

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