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Granting of special consideration to a student on bereavement leave

Special consideration allows the university to take account of extenuating circumstances; specifically, family bereavement. If you become unable to attend classes, submit papers, or sit exams due to the death of your family member, please present appropriate documentation to back your claim (e.g. a funeral acknowledgement card) and take necessary procedures at the office of your affiliation in order to request special academic consideration during your leave.


The university has systems in place to prevent students who are on a leave of absence due to a death in their family from being unfairly disadvantaged in terms of academic performance assessment. Students who fail to meet their following coursework requirements due to bereavement in the family: class attendance (including for on-demand courses), paper submission, exam-taking, may request the “Application for Special Consideration for Leave of Absence (bereavement)” form to be issued by the office of your affiliation and seek special academic consideration from your course instructors. Please note that the final decision on a student’s absences is left to the discretion of each instructor.

Student entitled to special consideration

All students of Waseda University

  • Applicable Relationship to the Deceased : First-degree family members (parents, children), Second-degree family members (siblings, grandparents, grandchildren), and spouse
  • Number of days granted for bereavement leave : Up to 7 consecutive class-meeting days
    *If international travel is involved, extra number of days may be granted.


  1. Notify the office of your affiliation within 10 days from the end of the period for which consideration is sought, and obtain the “Report of Absence (bereavement)” form.
  2. Promptly submit the completed “Report of Absence (bereavement)” form, along with appropriate documentation, such as a funeral acknowledgement card, to the office of your affiliation.
    *In the event the deceased is your guarantor, follow the procedure for a change of guarantor. Submit the form after having it signed and sealed by the new guarantor.
  3. Request to have the “Application for Special Consideration for Leave of Absence (bereavement)” form issued by the office of your affiliation.
  4. Submit the “Application for Special Consideration for Leave of Absence (bereavement)” form to your course instructor and seek special consideration for academic work missed during your bereavement leave. If you are taking an on-demand course, direct your request to the affiliation offering the course.
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