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Professor MATSUMARU Takafumi



Bio-Robotics & Human-Mechatronics

09ch (1)New subjects in the viewpoint of informatics and medical and biological engineering are evolved along with the previous subjects. For example, the form and movement of human synergetic robot and the interaction with human symbiotic robot aim to establish the design theory and the methodology and to develop the practical application technologies targeting intelligible and user-friendly artificial systems. These activities, ranging over human being, artificial object, information, and environment, can greatly contribute to people all over the world as a new integrated field or an interdisciplinary field to explore deeper relationship between people and artifacts in daily life.

  • Remote Operation System of Mobile Robot
  • Preliminary Announcement of Mobile Robot’s Intention
  • Form and Movement of Human Synergetic Robot
  • Interaction with Human Symbiotic Robot
  • Measurement and Analysis of Human Motion and Behavior
  • Systematic Learning on Mechatronics
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