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Professor LEE Hee-Hyol


  • Dr. of Engineering (Waseda University)
  • My hobbies are outdoor sports such as hiking, camping, skiing, fishing, etc. We learn from nature, and we are inspired by nature to realize human being knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence by using computer control.
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  • Email : hlee(at)
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System Control

02chTrials for the realization of intelligence similar to human beings by computer have been carried out in the field of artificial intelligence. Intelligence is composed of ideas: knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge implies the property and definition of things, and the methods to copy well with problems. Wisdom implies the ability to contrive methods to solve problems.Concerning the approaches of information processing for intelligence, search, pattern matching, information, and learning are known. In our laboratory, a lot of research is carried out to realize the learning ability of human beings by computer control.

  • Intelligent Control
  • Cooperative Action Learning Control of Robot Group
  • Decoupling Control of Large-scale System
  • Sliding Mode Control
  • Practical Realization of Ultra-compact Binary Power Generation
  • Traffic Flow Modeling by Cellular Automaton and Stochastic Optimal Control of Traffic Signals
  • Bayesian Network and Production & Inventory Control
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