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Professor SHINOHARA Hirofumi

shinohara hirofumi 2016Introduction

  • Dr. of Information (Kyoto University)
  • Expertise covers memory, logic, and extremely low power circuits and systems. A lot of research experience in a company and collaboration with universities. Won’t it be exciting that your discovery or invention would come to a proposition of new information system for social? Those who are interested are welcomed! Hobby : Weekend climber of domestic mountains, Sometimes challenges trail running at down-hill.
  • WASEDA University Researchers Database
  • Email : shinohara.hiro(at)
    *Swap “(at)” with “@”


Dependable Information Systems

03_11chDependable is a concept that includes not only low failure rate but also the ability to continue the operation by bypassing the faulty part or ill-intentioned attack. In the age of IoT when huge number of nodes are connected, it has been getting very important to ensure the safety and security with hardware and to execute dependable computing .
In this laboratory, we aim at the dependable information system with research areas of hardware security and neuro information processing. Our research activity covers widely from development of novel LSI based on digital, analog, and device technologies to application system such as machine learning application.

  • Dependable LSI
  • Hardware security
  • Neuro information processing
  • Energy efficient circuits and systems


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