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Visa application

To enter Japan, applicant must apply for “Certificate of Eligibility” issued by Immigration Office.
Waseda University will arrange proxy application for “Certificate of Eligibility” for the Immigration Office on behalf of foreign nationality student whose residence is outside of Japan and has completed the entrance procedure for Waseda University.
For those students who have requested for proxy application, he/she will receive the “Certificate of Eligibility” from Waseda University by EMS as soon as the certificate will be issued from Immigration Office. Students are requested to bring the “Certificate of Eligibility” along with his/her passport to apply for Student Visa at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate.

Certificate of eligibility

Students are requested to EMS the following documents along with the documents necessary for entrance procedure.
*Waseda University will not arrange proxy application for the student in case if any of below documents are missing.

  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility – Go get the forms from Immigration Bureau of Japan website. Filling without fail, applicants are requested to submit the designated application form to Waseda University.
  • One photograph (H:4cm W:3cm) – Applicants are requested to write his/her full name on the back side of the photograph.
  • Passport copy – A copy of the 1st page from applicant’s passport, covering two facing pages. (The page showing the applicant’s photograph, passport number and his/her full name)
  • Original bank balance certificate of the applicant or his/her supporter – This is required for those applicants who haven’t submitted the certificate at the time of application for entrance examination.


Students are requested to inform Waseda University in case if he/she has already obtained the Student Visa or any other visa status.

For IPS student

Significant procedure while staying in Japan

You are required to make a declaration to Immigration Bureau of Japan if you intend to renew the length of stay, and to change certificate of eligibility due to graduation and employment.
You can get declaration forms at an immigration office, or download the ones from the website of Immigration Bureau of Japan.
For further information, refer to IPS Square, Career Centre, Centre for International Education, Waseda University, and Immigration Bureau of Japan.

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