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Kitakyushu Science and Research Park has some dormitories for international students.
Making good use of these dormitories IPS offers support to international students so that they can lead a fruitful research life without any worries.

Kitakyushu Science and Research Park Apartment complex for international students


  • Total dewllings → 200 units
  • Room area → 1K (21.40㎡)
  • Equip/room → Kitchen, toilet, unit bath, bed, study, desk, bookshelf, heating & cooling unit, gas, hot water, information consent
  • Other → Administration block (meeting room, central mail room, vending machine)

 Waseda dormitory


  • Structure → Ferro-concrete, 4 stories
  • Room area → 21㎡
  • Equip/room → Air conditioning unit, Mini kitchen, modular bath, bed, study desk, light (No bed clothes, curtain, chair, kitchen tools)

No linens, chairs, curtains, household utencils.

Monthly cost (Example)

Rent (Dormitory for International student) JPY 12,000 ~ 20,000
Rent (Private apartment) JPY 32,000 ~ 45,000
Food JPY 20,000
Power, Water, Mobile, Internet JPY 20,000
For interest JPY 15,000
Total JPY 67,000 ~ 100,000
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