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No.E2119 Mriduchhanda Chhatopadhyay

Economics of clean air: Valuation of reduced health risks from Household Air Pollution – A study of rural Indian Households

No.E2118 So Kubota

Money and cooperation in small communities

No.E2117 Jo-Ann Suchard and Giang Nguyen and Yuelin Wang

Is Social Capital Valuable? Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions 

No.E2116 Giang Nguyen and Hannah Nguyen and Hung Pham

The Role of Social Connectedness: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions

No.E2115 Masayuki Odora

Deliberation and Voting: A Matter of Truth or A Matter of Taste

No.E2114 Takaaki Abe and Satoshi Nakada

Potentials and Solutions of Cooperative Games

No.E2113 Naonari YAJIMA and Toshi H. ARIMURA

Promotion of Energy Efficiency Through an Energy Audit in the Industrial Sector in Japan: An Examination of Information Provision, Disclosure, Target Setting, Inspection, Reward, and Organizational Structures.

No.E2112 Takaaki Abe and Satoshi Nakada

Core Stability of the Shapley Value for Cooperative Games

No.E2111 Anastasios Evgenidis and Masashige Hamano and Wessel N. Vermeulen

Economic consequences of follow-up disasters: lessons from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

No.E2110 Tsuyoshi Adachi and Hun Chung and Takashi Kurihara

(The Impossibility of ) Deliberation-Consistent Social Choice

No.E2109 Ngawang Dendup

Returns to Grid Electricity on Firewood Consumption and Mechanism

No.E2108 Yue Cai

Measuring Market Power in the IPO Underwriter Industry

No.E2107 Hajime Tomura

Household Expenditures and the Effective Reproduction Number in Japan: Regression Analysis

No.E2106 Junko Koeda and Atsushi Sekine

Nelson-Siegel Decay Factor and Term Premia in Japan

No.E2105 Yuji Mizushima and Haruko Noguchi

Spillover effects of minimum wages on suicide mortality: Evidence from Japan

No.E2104 Shuhei Kaneko and Haruko Noguchi

Estimating Sibling Spillover Effects in Academic Performance: First Evidence from Japan

No.E2103 Junko Koeda and Yosuke Kimura

Government Debt Maturity in Japan: 1965 to the Present

No.E2102 Takashi Nishiwaki

Does Ambiguity Generate Demand for Options?

No.E2101 Takashi Nishiwaki

On the Stability of Equilibrium in the Market with Heterogeneous Investment Horizons

No.E2024 Hisatoshi Tanaka

A Necessary Condition for Semiparametric Efficiency of Experimental Designs

No.E2023 Yoichi Kasajima and Manabu Toda

Singles monotonicity and stability in one-to-one matching problems

No.E2022 Ryo Takahashi and Keijiro Otsuka

Beyond Ostrom: Randomized Experiment of the Impact of Individualized Tree Rights on
Forest Management in Ethiopia



No.E2020 Yu Jin Woo and Ikuo Kume

Taking Gains from Trade Seriously:The Effects of Consumer Perspective on Free Trade

No.E2019 Shinichi Ishihara and Junnosuke Shino and Shimpei Yamauchi

Shapley mapping and its axiomatization in n-person cooperative interval games



Masashige Hamano and Francesco Pappadà

Exchange rate policy and firm dynamics

No.E2017 Kazumi Shimizu and Yoshio Kamijo and Hiroki Ozono and Akira Goto

Causes and Effects of Wealth Inequality : visibility leads to a trade off between social mobility and wealth satisfaction

No.E2016 Masashige Hamano and Munechika Katayama and So Kubota

COVID-19 Misperception and Macroeconomy

No.E2015 Takaaki Abe

Stable Coalition Structures and Power Indices for Majority Voting

No.E2014 Mamoru Kaneko

Toward a Resolution of the St.Petersburg Paradox

No.E2013 Kazuyuki Sasakura

The Education Sector and Economic Growth: A First Study of the Uzawa Model

No.E2012 Shohei Yamamoto, Shotaro Shiba and Nobuyuki Hanaki

Time Preferences in the Gain and Loss Domains: An Incentivized Experiment

No.E2011 Takashi Nishiwaki

Does Ambiguity Generate Demand for Options?

No.E2010 Shinichiro Nakamura

3EID and Waste IO: the state of environmentally extended Input-Output Analysis in Japan


Takashi Nishiwaki

Optimal Consumption Under Different Resolution Times of Uncertainty


So Kubota

The U.S. Child Care Crisis: Facts, Causes, and  Policies


Ryo Takahashi ,Kenta Tanaka

Hostility toward breaching restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic

No.E2006 Shuhei Kaneko, Haruko Noguchi

Impacts of Natural Disaster on Changes in Parental and Children’s Time Allocation: Evidence from the Great East Japan Earthquake

No.E2005 Masashige Hamano and Francesco Zanetti
Monetary Policy, Firm Heterogeneity, and Product Variety
No.E2004 Yuta Inoue
Rationalizing choice functions with a weak preference
No.E2003 Yuta Inoue
Growing Consideration
No.E2002 Takashi Kurihara
Net Borda rules with desirability
No.E2001 Matondang Elsa SIBURIAN
Fiscal Decentralization, Regional Income Inequality, and the Provision of Local Public Goods: Evidence from Indonesia
No.E1925 So Kubota
Culture, Gender, and Structural Transformation: The Case of Turkey
No.E1924 Takashi Kurihara and Koichi Suga
Decision–making on public facility location by using social choice rules with a deliberative suggestion
No.E1923 Hajime Tomura
Nominal Contracts and the Payment System
No.E1922 Hajime Tomura
A Model of Bank-Note Runs
No.E1921 Cheolmin Kang, Akira Kawamura, and Haruko Noguchi
Benefits of Knowing Own Health Status: Effects of Health Checkups on Health Behaviors and Labor Participation
No.E1920 Hisatoshi Tanaka
Differentiability of the Conditional Expectation
No.E1919 Jaehyun Song, Takeshi Iida, Yuriko Takahashi, Jesús Tovar
Buying Votes across Borders? A List Experiment on Mexican Immigrants in the US
No.E1918 Takaaki Abe
Buck-passing Dumping in a Pure Exchange Game of Bads
No.E1917 Naonari YAJIMA and Toshi H. ARIMURA
Effectiveness of Multiple-Policy Instruments: Evidence from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy in Japan
No.E1916 Naonari YAJIMA and Toshi H. ARIMURA
Effectiveness of Multiple-Policy Instruments: Evidence from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy in Japan
No.E1915 Taro Shinoda and Yukihiko Funaki
Unstructured Bargaining Experiment on Three-person Cooperative Games
No.E1914 Cheolmin Kang, Akira Kawamura, and Haruko Noguchi

Does Free Healthcare Affect Children’s Healthcare Use and Outcomes?
Evidence from Japan

No.E1913 Pablo Guillen and Robert F. Veszteg

Strategy-proofness in experimental matching markets

No.E1912 Hiroki Ozono, Yoshio Kamijo and Kazumi Shimizu

The function of peer reward and punishment in localized society: We can only “Think locally, Act locally”

No.E1911 Takaaki Abe

A Characterization of Optimum Fee Schemes for Delegated Portfolio Management

No.E1910 Shin Kobayashi and Takuya Arai

A Characterization of Optimum Fee Schemes for Delegated Portfolio Management

No.E1909 Hajime Tomura

Elderly Care and Multiple Monies

No.E1908 Kazuyuki Sasakura

Calculating a Giffen Good

No.E1907 Hamano Masashige

International Risk Sharing with Heterogeneous Firms

No.E1906 Yasushi Asako

Strategic Ambiguity with Probabilistic Voting

No.E1905 Hajime Tomura

Imperfect Contract Enforcement and Nominal Liabilities

No.E1904 Takaaki Abe

Axiomatizations of Coalition Aggregation Functions

No.E1903 Yukihiko Funaki, Junnosuke Shino and Nobuyuki Uto

Vulnerability of Fixed-Rate Funds-Supplying Operations to
Overbidding: An Experimental Approach

No.E1902 Mamoru Kaneko

Expected Utility Theory with Probability Grids and
Preference Formation

No.E1901 Yoshiki WAKAMATSU and Koichi SUGA

On the Independence of the Event in the Context of
Intergenerational Justice

No.E1813 Hajime Tomura

On Separation between Payment and Saving Instruments

No.E1812 Takaaki Abe

Stable Coalition Structures: Characterizations and Applications of Hart and Kurz’s Four Stability Concepts

No.E1811 Kou Maeda, Junnosuke Shino

Stock Lending Market and the BOJ’s ETF purchasing program: Micro-Evidence from ETF Balance Sheet Data and Equity Repo Trading Data

No.E1810 Yuzuka Kashiwagi, Petr Matous and Yasuyuki Todo

International propagation of economic shocks through global supply chains 2018

No.E1809 Takaaki Abe and Yukihiko Funaki

The Projective Core of Symmetric Games with Externalities 2018

No.E1808 Takaaki Abe and Shuige Liu

Monotonic Core Allocation Paths for Assignment Games 2018

No.E1807 Shotaro Shiba, Kazumi Shimizu

Does time inconsistency differ between gain and loss? An intra-personal comparison using a non-parametric elicitation method(A revised version)” 2018

No.E1806 Takaaki Abe

A New Necessary and Sufficient Condition for the Nonemptiness of the Core of a Transferable Utility Game” 2018

No.E1805 Takaaki Abe, Yukihiko Funaki

The Unbinding Core for Coalitional Form Games” 2018

No.E1804 Hideki Konishi, Naomi Miyazato

Distributive Impacts of Social Protection Systems in OECD Countries: Public-Private Mix and Hidden Welfare States” 2018

No.E1803 Masato Shizume

Historical Evolution of Monetary Policy (Goals and Instruments) in Japan: From the Central Bank of an Emerging Economy to the Central Bank of a Mature Economy” 2018

No.E1802 Koji Yokote, Takumi Kongo, and Yukihiko Funaki

Relationally equal treatment of equals characterizes combinations of values for cooperative games” 2018

No.E1801 Hisatoshi Tanaka
Entropy Numbers of Semiparametric Linear Index Models” 2018
No.E1725 Takaaki Abe, Satoshi Nakada
Generalized Potentials, Value, and Core” 2017
No.E1724 Atsushi Sekine

Oil Price Pass-Through to Consumer Prices and the Inflationary Environment: A STAR Approach” 2017

No.E1723 Hisatoshi Tanaka
Optimal Bid Selection for Differentiable Functionals of a Semi-parametric Binary Response Model” 2017
No.E1722 Takaaki Abe
Population Monotonic Allocation Schemes for Games with Externalities” 2017
No.E1721 Shuige Liu
Characterizing Perfect and Proper Rationalizabilities by Lexicographic Epistemic Model with Incomplete Information” 2017
No.E1720 Akira Inoue, Kazumi Shimizu, Daisuke Udagawa, Yoshiki Wakamatsu
Luck Egalitarianism, Relational Egalitarianism, and the Harshness Objection: Experimental Approach” 2017
No.E1719  Masato Shizume
A History of the Bank of Japan 1882-2016 ”2017
No.E1718 Ken Yahagi
The effects of hate groups on hate crimes”2017
No.E1717 Ken Yahagi
Optimal law enforcement with oligopolistic criminal organizations and violent conflict”2017
No.E1716 Ken Yahagi
Welfare effects of forming a criminal organization”2017
No.E1715 Shigeharu Okajima, Yukihiko Funaki,Hiroko Okajima, Nobuyuki Uto
Can group giving boost contribution? Effects of different subsidy schemes in a laboratory experiment”2017
No.E1714 Shotaro shiba and Kazumi Shimizu
Does Time Inconsistency Differ between Gain and Loss? An Intra-Personal Comparison Using a Non-Parametric Designed Experiment”2017
No.E1713 Amihai Glazer and Hideki Konishi
Why High-level Executives Earn Less in the Government Than in the Private Sector”2017
No.E1712 Susumu Annaka and Masaaki Higashijima
Democratization and Human Development”2017
No.E1711 Takaaki Abe and Satoshi Nakada
Priority-regarding Shapley values”2017
No.E1710 Yu Ri Kim
“Does Aid for Trade Diversify the Export Structure of Recipient Countries?”2017
No.E1709 Yushi Kunugi, Toshi H. Arimura, Kazuyuki Iwata, Eiji Komatsu,and Yoshie Hirayama
Cost-efficient strategy for reducing particulate matter 2.5 in the Tokyo Metropolitan area:An integrated approach with aerosol and economic models”2017
No.E1708 Kazuyuki Sasakura
Looking at the FTPL through a Unified Macro Model”2017
No.E1707 Hiroki Ozonoa, Yoshio Kamijo, and Kazumi Shimizu
Does the order of punishment matter? A comparison of pool punishment systems”2017
No.E1706 Masashige Hamano and Wessel N. Vermeulen
Adapting to within-country export barriers: Evidence from the Japan 2011 Tsunami”2017
No.E1705 Tai-Wei Hu, Mamoru Kaneko, and Nobu-Yuki Suzuki
Small Infinitary Epistemic Logics”2017
Identifying and Decomposing Peer Effects on Decision-Making Using a Randomized Controlled Trial”2017
No.E1703 Jiangtao Fu and Yoshiaki Ogura
Product Network Connectivity and Information for Loan Pricing”2017
No.E1702 Mamoru Kaneko
Approximate Quasi-Linearity for Large Incomes” 2017
No.E1701 Takaaki Abe, Satoshi Nakada
Monotonic redistribution:Integrating performance-based allocation and equity” 2017
No.E1622 Ling Liu
Hard News & Soft News: Effects of TV Programs Exposure on Political Involvement and Political Knowledge in Japan with Propensity Score MatchingMethod” 2016
No.E1621 Kazuko SUNAOKA
Chinese language education and classroom management―Towards open education systems―“ 2016
No.E1620 Yuriko Takahishi
Poverty, Clientelism and Democratic Accountability in Mexico” 2016
No.E1619 Yuriko Takahishi
Varieties of Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America“2016
No.E1618 Yuriko Takahishi
Clientelism beyond Borders? The Political-Electoral Reform of ExtendingVoting Rights    Abroad in Mexico” 2016
No.E1617 Emi Sauzier-Uchida
The Practice of Teaching English to Prepare Japanese Students for English-Medium-Instruction Courses in an Era of Global Competition for Knowledge“ 2016
No.E1616 Nguyen Duc Giang and Nguyen Xuan Hai
Takeover pressure and Corporate diversication
No.E1615 Daisuke Takahashi, Tsaiyu Chang, Mikitaro Shobayashi
The role of formal and informal institutions in farmland consolidation: the case of Shiga prefecture, Japan” 2016
No.E1614 Hideto ITO
Japan’s Role in Philological Studies of the Korean Language in the
International Context” 2016
No.E1613 Yasushi Asako, Yukihiko Funaki, Kozo Ueda, Nobuyuki Uto
Symmetric Information Bubbles:Experimental Evidence” 2016
No.E1612 Takaaki Abe
Hedonic Games with Externalities:Myopic, Farsighted and Individual Stability Concepts” 2016
No.E1611 Masato Shizume
Financial Crises and the Central Bank: Lessons from Japan during the 1920s” 2016
No.E1610 Mamoru Kaneko
Expected Utility Theory with Probability Grids and Incomparabilities” Revised, 2018
No.E1609 Nobuyuki Uto
Monetary Incentives and Eye Movements” 2016
No.E1608 Koji Yokote, Takumi Kongo, Yukihiko Funaki
The balanced contributions property for equal contributors” 2016
No.E1607 Masato Shizume,  Masayoshi Tsurumi
Modernizing the financial system in Japan during the 19th century:National Banks in Japan in the Context of Free Banking” 2016
No.E1606 Mamoru Kaneko, Tamon Ito
An Equilibrium-Econometric Analysis of Rental Housing Markets with Indivisibilities” 2016
No.E1605 Takaaki Abe
Consistency and the Core in Games with Externalities” 2016
No.E1604 Hiroki Ozono, Nobuhito Jin, Motoki Watabe, Kazumi Shimizu
Solving the second-order free rider problem in a public goods game: An experiment using a leader support system” 2016
No.E1603 Yasushi Asako,TetsuyaMatsubayashi,Michiko Ueda
Legislative TermLimits and Government Spending:Theory and Evidence from the United States” 2016
No.E1601 Takaaki Abe
Efficiency and the Core in Games with Positive and Negative Externalities“ 2016
No.E1522 Kazumi Shimizu,Yuko Morimoto,Motoki Watabe,Takeshi Iida,Koichi Kuriyama
General Guidance for Experiment using CASI Technology:Complementary Role of Web Experiment”  2015
No.E1521 Kazuko SUNAOKA
Conversion from promotion for overseas study to learning in campus with a co-educational environment” 2015
No.E1520 Osamu Yoshie and LeWang
Building hub for global human resource development and lessons learned from it” 2015
No.E1519 Yukihide Kurakawa, Akira Hibiki
Effectiveness of feed-in tariff and renewable portfolio standard under strategic pricing in network access” 2015
No.E1518 Kazumi Shimizu and Daisuke Udagawa
Is Human Life Worth Peanuts? Risk Attitude Changes in Accordance with Varying Stakes”2015
No.E1517 Daisuke Takahashi, Masayoshi Honma
A Reexamination of the Agricultural Adjustment Problem in Japan” 2015
No.E1516 Daisuke Takahashi, Masayoshi Honma
A Reexamination of the Agricultural Adjustment Problem in Japan” 2015
No.E1515 Ryuichi Yamamoto
Does high-frequency trading improve market quality?” 2015
No.E1514 Ryuichi Yamamoto
Dynamic predictor selection and order splitting in a limit order market” 2015
No.E1513 Jiangtao Fu, Daichi Shimamoto, Yasuyuki Todo
Can Firms with Political Connections Borrow More Than Those Without? Evidence from Firm-Level Data for Indonesia” 2015
No.E1512 Daichi Shimamoto, Yasuyuki Todo
Economic and Political Networks and Firm Openness Evidence from Indonesia” 2015
No.E1511 Atsuko Ueda
An Empirical Analysis on Intergenerational Persistence of Income in Japan” 2015
No.E1510 Ken Takeda
When Can Threats be Used in EU Treaty Negotiations?:Power, Interests and Normative Contexts”  2015
No.E1509 Hiroki Ozono, Yoshio Kamijo, Kazumi Shimizu
Institutionalize reciprocity to overcome the public goods provision problem” 2015
No.E1508 Akira Inoue ,Kazumi Shimizu ,Yoshiki Wakamatsu ,Daisuke Udagawa
Does Sunstein and Thaler’s Theory Have a Broad Scope?” 2015
No.E1507 A. Takeuchi, Y. Funaki, M. Kaneko, and J. J. Kline
An Experiment on Behavior, Learning, and Forgetfulness in Inductive Game Theory” 2015
No.E1506 Junko Koeda
Bond Supply and Excess Bond Returns in Zero-Lower Bound and Normal Environments: Evidence from Japan” 2015
No.E1505 Yasuyuki Todo,Petr Matous,Dagne Mojo
Effects of social network structure on the diffusion and adoption of agricultural technology: Evidence from rural Ethiopia” 2015
No.E1504 Koji Yokote,Yukihiko Funaki
Weak Surplus Mononicity characterizes convex combination of egalitarian Shapley value and Consensus value” 2015
No.E1503 Eiji Tsuzuki, Shunsuke Shinagawa, Tomohiro Inoue
Equilibrium determinacy in a continuous time New Keynesianmodel with monetary and fiscal policy lags” 2015
No.E1502 Takaaki Abe, Yukihiko Funaki
A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Non-Emptiness of the Core of a Partition Function Form Game” 2015
No.E1501 Yuiko Imamura
Policy Implementation Studies: The Case of Eliminating Day-care Waiting Lists in Japan” 2015
No.E1425 Ryo Nagata
Extension of Utility and Its Application to Economic Development : A Hypothesis for the Cause of the Failure of Foreign Aid” 2014
No.E1424 Shigeharu Okajima,Hiroko Okajima
Impact of Environmental Regulation and the 2011 Earthquake on the Japanese Electricity Industry” 2014
No.E1423 Yoshiaki Ogura
The Certification Role of Pre-IPO Banking Relationships:IPO Underpricing and Post-IPO Performance in Japan” 2014
No.E1422 Shiro Takeda,Toshi H. Arimura,Makoto Sugino
Labor Market Distortions and Welfare-Decreasing International Emissions Trading″ 2014
No.E1421 Tai-Wei Hu and Mamoru Kaneko
Epistemic Infinite-Regress Logic″ 2014
No.E1420 Yasushi Asako
One-sided Games in a War of Attrition” 2014
No.E1419 Koji Yokote.Yukihiko Funaki
Several bases of a game space and an application to the Shapley value” 2014
No.E1418 Koji Yokote.Yukihiko Funaki.Yoshio Kamijo
A new basis and the Shapley value” 2014
No.E1417 Simon M. Burgherr
Immigration Policy in Bicameral Systems:Theory and Statistical Data” 2014
No.E1416 Amos James Ibrahim-Shwilima
Economic growth and nonrenewable resources:An empirical investigation“ 2014
No.E1415 Masahiro Tanaka
Measuring Political Budget Cycles:A Bayesian Semiparametric Assessment“ 2014
No.E1414 Yasushi Asako Tetsuya Matsubayashi
The Business Cycle and the Entry of Third-Party Candidates in the US State-Level Elections“ 2014
No.E1413 Mitsuru Katagiri,Hideki Konishi,and Kozo Ueda
Aging and Deation from a Fiscal Perspective” 2014
No.E1412 Yasushi Asako,Takeshi Iida,Tetsuya Matsubayashi,Michiko Ueda
Dynastic Politicians: Theory and  Evidence from Japan2014
No.E1411 Yasushi Asako
Campaign Promises as an Imperfect Signal: How does an Extreme Candidate Win against a Moderate Candidate?” 2014
No.E1410 Tai-Wei Hu and Mamoru Kaneko
Game Theoretic Decidability and Undecidability” 2014
No.E1409 Yasushi Asako
Partially Binding Platforms: Campaign Promises vis-a-vis Cost of Betrayal” 2014
No.E1408 Hiroki Ozono, Yoshio Kamijo, Kazumi Shimizu
Impact of altruistic behavior on group cooperation: A mechanism working in the presence of an altruist may solve the public goods provision problem” 2014
No.E1407 Shigeharu Okajima,Hiroko Okajima
The Effect of Green Contract Law in Japanese Electric PowerProcurement Auctions” 2014
No.E1406 Shigeharu Okajima,Hiroko Okajima
An Empirical Analysis of Bidder Asymmetry in Japanese Electric Power Procurement Auctions Using Bayesian Analysis” 2014
No.E1405 Kojun Hamada,Akihiko Kaneko,Mitsuyoshi Yanagihara
The transfer paradox in a pay-as-you-go pension system” 2014
No.E1404 Naohiro Takahashi
A Simple Model for the Damage Caused by Ungrounded Rumors” 2014
No.E1403 Amos James Ibrahim-Shwilima,Hideki Konishi
The Impact of Tax Concessions on Extraction of Non-renewable Resources:An Application to Gold Mining in Tanzania” 2014
No.E1402 Hideki Konishi
The Political Economy of Social Security Funding: Why Social VAT Reform?” 2014
No.E1401 Yoshio Kamijo,Hiroki Ozono,Kazumi Shimizu
No.E1314 Shiqiu ZHANG
“Haze in China”: an overlook of urban PM 2.5 pollution impacts and control benefits” 2013
No.E1313 Makoto Sugino,Toshi H. Arimura,Kazuyuki Iwata,Minoru Morita
Economic Impacts and Emissions Reduction Effects of JCM:Analysis using a Disaggregated Input-Output Table” 2013
No.E1312 Toshi H. Arimura,Hajime Katayama,Mari Sakudo
Do Social Norms Matter to Energy Saving Behavior?Endogenous Social and Correlated Effects” 2013
No.E1311 Yasue Fukuda and Koji Fukuda
Human Security and EU-Japan Cooperation to combat Cross-Border Infection” 2013
No.E1310 Airo Hino
Party System Dynamics in Japan:Measuring the underlying changes and status-quos” 2013
No.E1309 Mamoru Kaneko and Shuige Liu
Eliminations of Dominated Strategies and Inessential Players: an Abstraction Process” 2013
No.E1308 Tai-Wei Hu and Mamoru Kaneko
Infinite Regresses Arising from Prediction/Decision Making in Games” 2013
No.E1307 Mamoru Kaneko and J. Jude Kline
Understanding of the Other through Social Roles” 2013
No.E1306 Fengye Sun and Atsuko Ueda
Intergenerational Earnings Mobility in Taiwan” 2013
No.E1305 Atsuko Ueda
Education and Intergenerational Earnings Transmission: The Case of Japan and South Korea” 2013
No.E1304 Koji Yokote, Yukihiko Funaki, Yoshio Kamijo
Relationship between the Shapley value and other solution concepts” 2013
No.E1303 Koji Yokote, Yukihiko Funaki, Yoshio Kamijo
Linear basis approach to the Shapley value” 2013
No.E1302 Chisato Shibayama and Yasunori Ishii
Dumping in a Transition Economy and Anti-Dumping Policy” 2013
No.E1301 Akira Nagae
Effects of Japanese disability employment policy on shareholder wealth” 2013
No.1201 Ken-Ichi Akao and Gerhard Sorger
On the sustainability of a common property resource: An implication from dynamic game theory“ 2012
No.1003 Koichiro Iwamoto and Teruo Mori
The Safety of Japanese Shinkin Bank Management and Z-score“ 2010
No.1002 Takashi Oginuma
A Revealed Preference Theory with Preference Cycles“ 2010
No.1001 Kazuyuki Sasakura
Are You Tired of the Slutsky Equation“ 2010.
No.0901 Kazuyuki Sasakura
Digging up Production Functions from the General Teory“ 2009.
No.0803 Hiroya Akiba and Yukihiro Iida ”Economics of Monetary Integration: A Review of Recent Research” 2008.(file1)(file2)
No.0701 Kazuyuki Sasakura
The Harrod Discontinuity and Macroeconomics“ 2007.
No.0603 Kazuyuki Sasakura
Finding Another Linkage between the Short Run and the Long Run in a Macroeconomy  2006.
No.0602 Ishii, Yasunori
Optimal Export Subsidies in an International Mixed Duopoly 2006.
No.0601 Sasakura, Kazuyuki
Finding Another Linkage between the Short Run and the Long Run in a Macroeconomy 2006.
No.0506 Yoshihiro Kitamura.
The Current Account and Stock Returns. 2005.
No.0505 Manabu, Shimasawa and Akira, Sadahiro T
he Optimal Inflation Rate For Japan In An Overlapping Generations Economy. 
No.0502 Akiba, Hiroya and Iida, Yukihiro and Kitamura, Yoshihiro.
Why is Managed Floating Adopted as a De Facto Exchange Rate Regime. 2005.
No.0501 Nakamura, Shinichiro and Nakajima Kenichi.
Waste Input-Output Material Flow Analysis of Metals in the Japanese Economy. 2005.
No.0408 Kondo, Yasushi and Nakamura, Shinichiro.
Searching for an “Optimal” Wasete Management Option and Evaluating Its Economic Cost: The Waste Input-Output Model and Its Application to the Japanese Economy. 2004.
No.0404 Kondo, Yasushi and Nakamura, Shinichiro
Waste Input-Output Linear Programming Model with Its Application to Eco-Efficiency Analysis. 2004.
No.0402 Akiba, Hiroya and Iida, Yukihiro and Sato, Ayano and Kitamura, Yoshihiro.
No.0310 Nakamura, Shinichiro and Kondo, Yasushi.
No.0309 Suzuki,Takeo.
No.0307 Ishii, Yasunori.
No.0306 Ishii, Yasunori.
No.0305 Kondo, Yasushi and Nakamura, Shinichiro.
No.0303 Akiba Hiroya and Sato Ayano.
No.0302 Akiba, Hiroya and Sato, Ayano and Kitamura, Yoshihiro(秋葉弘哉・佐藤綾野・北村能寛).
No.0204 Nakamura, Shinichiro and Kondo, Yasushi (中村 慎一郎・近藤 康之).
Environmental Impact and Economic Cost of Waste Treatment: Analysis by the Waste IO Model. 2002.
No.0202 Ishii, Yasunori (石井 安憲).
The Optimal Ownership Share of A Multinational Firm in An International Cournot Duopoly. 2002.
No.0201 Ishii, Yasunori (石井 安憲).
Foreign Direct Investment and FDI subsides in An International Cournot Duopoly. 2002.
No.0107 Tanaka, Hisatoshi (田中 久稔).
A Percolation Model of Stock Price Fluctuations. 2001.
No.0104 Toda, Manabu (戸田 学).
Axiomatizations of the Core of Assignment Games. 2001.
No.0102 Nakamura, Shinichiro and Kondo, Yasushi (中村 慎一郎・近藤 康之).
Input-Output Analysis of Waste Management. 2001.
No.0101 Akiba, Hiroya (秋葉 弘哉).
Difference Equations Solution of Exchange Rate Dynamics. 2001.
No.2009 Akao, Ken-ichi (赤尾 健一).
Some Results for Resource Games. 2000.
No.2007 Nakamura, Shinichiro (中村 慎一郎). Recycling, Landfill Consumption, and CO2 Emission: Analysis by Waste Input-Output Model. 2000.
No.2006 Araki, Kazunori (荒木 一法).
Evolution of Attitudes towards Risk. 2000.
No.2005 Nakamura, Shinichiro (中村 慎一郎). Input Output Analysis of Waste Management. 2000.
No.2004 Yokoo, Masanori (横尾 昌紀).
Labor Mobility and Dynamic Core-Periphery Patterns: A Two-Region Case. 2000.
No.2003 Nakamura, Shinichiro and Kondo, Yasushi (中村 慎一郎・近藤 康之). Recycling of Electrical Home Appliances: Its Impacts on the Economy and Environment. 2000.
No.2002 Nakamura, Shinichiro (中村 慎一郎).
Inter-industry Analysis of the Demand for Landfill Capacity.2000.
No.2001 Yagi, Takashi (八木 尚志).
Real National Income: the Hechs-Sraffa Approach. 2000.
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The Core of an Economy with a Common Pool Resource: A Partition Function Form Approach. 1998.
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An Overview of Japanese Venture Firms with an  Emphasis upon the Economic Analysis of Policy and Information Activities. 1998.
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Role of Expectations in Commodity Futures Markets. 1998.
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Maximal Program of a Forest Absorbing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide.1997.
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An Interindustry Approach to Analyzing Economic and Environmental Effects of the Recycling of Waste. 1997.
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Strategic Intervention against International Competition in the Interwar Japon: The Origin of the Developmental State? 1997.
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The Forward Exchange Rate and the Interest Rate within a Production Economy. 1996.
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The Evolution and Change of Contingent Governance Structure in the J-Firm System: An Approach to Presidential Turnoverand Firm Performance. 1996.
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The Effects of Intervention in an Efficiency Wage Model with Price and Exchange Rate Expectations. 1996.
No.9604  Nakamura, Shinichiro (中村 愼一郎). T
he Generalized Ozaki-McFadden Cost Function and its Application to a Panel Data. 
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A Citizen As the Principal of Public Administration. 1996.
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Business cycle and chaos in monetary economies. 1996.
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The Reorganization of the NTT Inc.: Domestic and International Consequences for Japan. 1996.
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Japan 1945: Regime Change and Elite Change. 1995.
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Studies on Adam Smith in Japan: From a Non-Marxian Point of View. 1993.
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Changing Patterns of Direct Investment and the Implicaitons  for Trade and Development. 1992.
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An Adjustment Cost Model of Long Term Employment in Japan. 1992.


No.F1301   加藤青延
日本媒体如何報道中国 -其作用与責任- 』(2013年)
No.J2101 鎮目雅人


No.J2002 兪 炳匡・高木 俊・野口 晴子


No.J2001 中川彩野

複数キーワードオークションにおける均衡分析:2 人の広告主の入札値が同じケース

No.J1906 鎮目 雅人


No.J1905 鎮目 雅人


No.J1904 安中 進・ 加藤言人

なぜ日本の左派は金融緩和に反対するのか – サーベイ実験による政策選好の「ねじれ」の検証

No.J1903 鎮目 雅人


No.J1902 石川 竜一郎


No.J1901 安中 進・ 喜多宗則

徴兵制と平和論―Directed dyad データに基づく徴兵制と政治体制が国際紛争に与える影響―

No.J1803 功刀祐之・有村俊秀・大床太郎『仮想評価法を用いた観光地における無電柱化事業の研究―世界遺産である富岡製糸場を事例として―』(2018年)
No.J1802 千葉 涼『福島第一原発事故の記者会見におけるジャーナリストの批判的姿勢の分析』(2018年)
No.J1801 矢島猶雅『表彰は温室効果ガスの排出削減努力を促すか-都道府県の製造業部門集計データを用いた検証-』(2018年)
No.J1703 鎮目 雅人『石橋湛山の経済思想の先見性―『東洋経済新報』時代の論考を中心に―』(2017年)
No.J1702 安中 進『「娘の身売り」の要因と鉄道敷設』(2017年)
No.J1701 芝 正太郎『リスク選好と時間選好の統合に向けて』(2017年)
No.J1611 劉凌・加藤言人『政治情報への評価・記憶に対する接触時間の効果 ―先有態度と情報内容の一致・不一致が果たす役割に関する―考察― 』(2016年)
No.J1610 砂岡和子『中国語のクラス授業と教室運営― 開かれた教育システムに向けて―』(2016年)
No.J1609 四宮瑞枝『スペイン語教育のシステム化と授業実践― 異文化能力育成の視点からー』(2016年)
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No.J1607 生駒美喜『ドイツ語教育のシステム化と教室運営』(2016年)
No.J1606 中野美知子『英語教育のシステム化と教室運営』(2016年)
No.J1605 西山教行『伝統から刷新に向かうフランス語教育』(2016年)
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No.J1601 上田貴子『近代経済学分野若手研究者アンケート調査報告』(2016年)
No.J1503 加藤青延
No.J1502 平井和之
No.J1501 和田博文
No.J1411 千葉涼
No.J1410 原田泰、安中進
No.J1409 木下登
No.J1408 中村愼一郎
No.J1407 西山教行
外国語教育研究学会にとっての国際化と対外発信の戦略―日本フランス語教育学会のケースをもとにして― 』(2014年)
No.J1406 伊藤英人
No.J1405 黒岩幸子
No.J1404 井上智洋、品川俊介、都築栄司
No.J1403 井上智洋、品川俊介、都築栄司、上浦基
No.J1402 遠藤晶久、ウィリー・ジョウ
No.J1401 宇都伸之、上條良夫、船木由喜彦
No.J1304 張世秋、砂岡和子、松本晟
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信用金庫の存続期間に影響を与える要因:split population duration model による検証』(2010年)
No.0903 岩本 光一郎、森映雄.
信用金庫の安全性とZスコア(1st draft:Feb15,2010)』(2009年)
No.0902 堀内 俊洋、坂本 進.
No.0802 齋藤 雅元、舘 健太郎.
公営企業の監督と民営化』 (2008年)
No.0703 岩本光一郎.
家族の消費行動におけるライフステージと習慣形成の関係』 (2007年)
No.0702 岩本光一郎.
日本の近代家族と消費行動』 (2007年)
No.0604 鳥澤 諭.
財政再建が世代間不均衡に与える影響について ―世代会計による定量的な分析―』(2006年)
No.0504 近藤 康之.
No.0503 高瀬 浩二・近藤 康之・鷲津 明由.
No.0406 島村 諭.
No.0405 黄 巍・岩本 光一郎・鈴木 久美.
No.0403 中村 愼一郎・近藤 康之.
No.0401 森 映雄・岩本 光一郎・黄 巍.
No.0308 近藤 康之・中村 慎一郎.
No.0304 貞廣 彰・島澤 諭.
No.0301 藪下 史郎・鈴木 久美.
No.0208 中村 愼一郎.
No.0207 Shimasawa, Manabu(島澤 諭).
No.0206 Sadahiro, Akira and Shimasawa, Manabu (貞廣 彰・島澤 諭).
No.0205 Tanaka,Hisatoshi (田中 久稔).
No.0203 高瀬 浩二.
No.0106 近藤 康之・中村 慎一郎.
廃棄物産業連関価格モデル: 理論と資産』(2001年)
No.0105 赤尾 健一.
No.0103 近藤 康之・高瀬 浩二・中村 慎一郎.
No.2010 八木 尚志.
No.2008 赤尾 健一.
No.9906 栗山 浩一.
環境ラベリング導入の社会的効果: コンジョイント分析による評価』(1999年)
No.9904 中村 慎一郎.
No.9903 中村 慎一郎.
『廃棄物産業連関表 全国表の推定について』(1999年)
No.9901 中村 慎一郎.
リサイクル産業連関モデル: 理論と応用』(1999年)
No.9803 宮島 英昭・蟻川 靖浩.
企業金融の構造変化とガバナンス構造の変容: 1980年代におけるメインバンクの機能転換』(1998年)
No.9802 中村 慎一郎.
No.9703 中村 愼一郎
No.9701 片岡 寛光
行政責任の明確化に向かって―Responsibility, Accountability, and Responsiveness―』(1997年)
No.9505 宮島 英昭
財界追放と経営者の選抜―状態依存的 (Contingent) ガヴァナンス・ストラクチュアの形成―』(1995年)
No.9504 片岡 寛光
No.9305 中村 愼一郎
No.9204 片岡 寛光
No.9203 片岡 寛光
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