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Student Groups

With the goal of facilitating student interaction across cohorts, programs (JDP/EDP) and nationalities, the School of Political Science and Economics supports a limited number of student groups. These student groups are expected to be autonomous and voluntarily organized.

Apply for SPSE support for your student group
Call for SPSE Student Groups 2021  (Application period : June 28~July 27, 202117:00 (JST))
Current Student Groups (2020-2021)
  • BIES (Bridge of International Exchange Seikei students)
  • SPSE EDP Student Council
  • Waseda Mixed & Multicultural Student Association (M&M)

Student Events

With the goal of facilitating interaction among students and between students and faculty, the School of Political Science and Economics hosts on occasion special student events and competitions. Participation in these events is voluntary and has no impact on students’ academic records. Join the fun!

2021 Connect with Waseda. Connect @ Waseda
2021 On-Demand Student Lecture Competition
2019 Data Science Competition


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