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For Prospective Students

Admissions by Transfer

Admissions by Transfer is open to prospective students who wish to enter as a second-year student. We accept a small number of transfer students, though the precise figure is not predetermined.



Degree Programs
  • B.A., Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • B.A., Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  • B.A., Bachelor of Arts in Global Political Economy

You must choose one of these three degree programs at the time of application. The program cannot be changed once your application is submitted. Please check the Degrees page when making your choice.

Year of Matriculation

Admitted students will enter as second year students of a four-year program.

Screening Methods

Admissions decisions are based on a screening of the application documents. We invite applicants to an interview only if needed.

  • You will be screened in a holistic manner based on your application documents.
Admissions Timeline and Important Dates

The table refers to Japan Standard Time [JST] in this application timeline.

Application Period for Preliminary Review of Eligibility TBA
Announcement of Preliminary Review of Eligibility Results Individual notification
Application Period TBA
Notification of Examinee Number TBA
Screening Results Announcement TBA
Enrollment Procedure Deadline (Registration Fee Payment) TBA
Application Documents
  • Application Form
  • Essay
  • Document to Prove the Completion of a Secondary Education Curriculum
  • Academic Transcript/School Report
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Score of an English-Language Proficiency Test (TOEFL-iBT or IELTS Academic), if required
  • Other Documents

Please refer to the Application Guidelines for more information.

Roadmap to Enrollment


Please check the application guidelines when you prepare your application.

Before the Application Period
Step 1: Check Your Eligibility
Step 2: Choose Your Degree Program
During the Preliminary Review of Eligibility Period
Step 3: Submit Application Documents for Preliminary Review of Eligibility by Email

All applicants are required to apply for a preliminary review of eligibility by the respective deadline.

Step 4: Check the Result of Preliminary Review of Eligibility

We announce the results of the Preliminary Review of Eligibility by e-mail approximately two to four weeks after receiving each application.

Step 5: Identify Necessary Documents
During the Application Period
Step 6: Pay the Screening Fee
Step 7: Submit Application Documents by Postal Mail

Application for screening is paper-based. Application documents must be received by the deadline.

After You Apply
Step 8: Interview (Only If Required)

We will notify you by e-mail of whether an interview is required.

Step 9: Check Your Screening Results

A list of successful applicants’ examinee numbers will be posted on our website.

After Acceptance
Step 10: Payment and Registration

Make the required payments by the deadline.

Step 11: Preparation for Entrance (Dormitory, Scholarships, etc.)

After completing the registration fee payment, the Handbook on Enrollment Procedures will be sent to you. Check the schedule for online enrollment registration and submit the required enrollment documents. You can also apply for residence in student dormitories.

Step 12: Credit Transfer Application

Details will be sent to successful applicants around August by e-mail.

Changing Your Affiliation or Program (for Current Waseda Students)


If you are currently enrolled at Waseda University, please refer to “Admissions by Change of Affiliation” or “Departmental Transfer Examination” here.

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