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What do you like most about the School of Political Science and Economics?

TAN, Gladys 2nd-Year Republic of Singapore

TAN, Gladys
Admitted in September 2010
Sophomore (at the time of interview)
Republic of Singapore



The School of Political Science and Economics provides us with a wide range of courses that open us up not only to the contemporary Japan’s political science and economy, but also to current world affairs. The professors are readily available to give us their viewpoints about the world’s political affairs and they are always up for friendly debates during or even after lectures. As a part of the English based degree program, I feel that I can benefit not only from the lessons, but also from the experiences of my international peers.

What sort of student life activities are you participating in?

I’m currently an active member of the Waseda University Breakerz, and I dance to Hip-hop almost two to three days a week. We practice mainly for the annual Waseda Festival showcase in November/December, and also for our private showcases happening throughout the year. Also, I’m involved in the “SAY-K Committee,” a student association for the School of Political Science and Economic. We are currently coordinating activities to provide exchange opportunities for Japanese and international students in the School of Political Science and Economics. Some of our activities include a Freshmen Orientation Event and an international quiz game night.

How are internship opportunities for international students?

KIM, Sung Woo 2nd-Year Republic of Korea

KIM, Sung Woo
Admitted in September 2010
Sophomore (at the time of interview)
Republic of Korea

Getting an internship has been very difficult for many university students because of the current economic recession. However, I was very appreciative to receive an opportunity which was arranged by the university so that I could intern at prestigious company in Japan. During that time, I was able to glimpse the harsh but clear reality of the working world. It was a precious time for me to grow up and face facts, and frankly, gain motivation. I was assigned to a group project with a team of professionals. I learned how to be confident and precise on performing my part of the work. I gained valuable lessons from my internship experience. I felt very lucky to have this opportunity.

What are your thoughts on the Professors in the program?

All the classes are small in size so that students can easily access the professors and faculty members in the department. Currently 70% are Japanese professors and the rest are non-Japanese professors. Foreign professors are from various countries and they contribute to the goal of having an international curriculum. The Japanese professors can conduct their classes in English and their ability in writing theses and books in English is the same as that of native English speaking professors. Professors do not hesitate to offer real stories of current events in the economic sector. Students can be confident when it is their turn to enter the workforce, because they are constantly being updated with current facts and knowledge.

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