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For Prospective Students

Application Guidelines and Materials

AO Admissions


For applicants to the English-based Degree Program who intend to matriculate as first-year students

Application Guidelines

◆AO Admission Application Guidelines for September 2021 Enrollment

◆List of Application Documents for Education System for 2021 AO Admissions

Application Materials

  • The Application Form must be prepared and printed via an online application system. To do so, please create a Waseda Online Admissions Application account from the following website.

Admissions by Transfer

Admissions by Change of Affiliation

Departmental Transfer Examination


For current students in the English-based Degree Program who intend to change their major/degree program

Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines for 2021 Departmental Transfer Examination

Application Materials

Application Form for 2021 Departmental Transfer Examination

Web Interview System


Only for those applicants who are required to have an interview, as part of the application process

SPSE Web Interview System Guidelines

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