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The following is information for students who are considering studying abroad while enrolled in SPSE.

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Exchange -Exchange Programs are conducted under university-wide or departmental bilateral agreements.
-Exchange students are often accorded priority in course registration, accommodation arrangements, etc., over students who study abroad at their own expense.
-Students must start taking regular classes with local students without being offered any language programs, so high level language skills are required.
-Usually, between one and three students are selected per program.
Center for International Education
SPSE Exchange Programs The Faculty of Political Science and Economics has an exchange program with the following universities:
-VU University Amsterdam
-Tilburg University
-National Taiwan University
-National Chengchi University
-City University of Hong Kong
-The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
-Victoria University of Wellington
-IESEG School of Management
-University of Tromso
-University of Milan
-Université Catholique de Lille
-University College Cork
SPSE Exchange Programs
(Customized Study Programs)
-In the CS programs, students will participate in the curriculum prepared for students from Waseda by the host universtiy.
-There are roughly two types of programs.
One is the programs where students may take ordinary courses from the beginning. The other is the programs where, while students mainly focus on studying a foreign language, students will at the same time follow the curriculum prepared based on a certain theme if your level of the foreign language is adequate to do so.
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Double Degree Programs -The double-degree program allows students to receive a degree from a prestigious overseas university as well as from Waseda University, on condition that students satisfy all the program and degree requirements of both universities.
-Receiving a degree from one of these universities requires an extremely high level of academic skills in the local language.
-SPSE has double-degree programs with National Taiwan University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
-Some double-degree programs are not open to certain nationalities.
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SPSE Double Degree Programs

Consecutive Degree Program The School of Political Science and Economics has a unique program called 3+1 CDP (Consecutive Degree Program) with Department of Economics, University of Essex. 3+1 CDP is a competitive program designed for students interested in obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from SPSE and a Master’s degree from Essex within 4 years (4.5 years for JDP students). Students nominated by SPSE and accepted by Essex will be able to obtain consecutive degrees by spending 1 year in Essex after 3 years (3.5 years for JDP students) of study in SPSE. Every year, 5 students from SPSE will be nominated. SPSE Consecutive Degree Program
Self-financed Programs -Students who fall into this category are admitted to an overseas university and pay the tuition and other academic fees and living expenses on their own, without receiving any scholarships.
-Students can attend universities that do not have agreements with Waseda, giving them a larger selection to choose from.
-If the university that students attend has lower tuition costs than Waseda University tuition, the program may be more affordable than an Exchange Program.
-Compared to students attending study abroad programs though Waseda University, the amount of administrative support will be limited.
Short-term Study-abroad -Short-term study-abroad programs are available that can be customized to a student’s individual level.
-These programs give students a chance to try studying abroad for a short time before applying for a longer program.
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