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Guidelines and Application forms for SPSE Exchange Programs, SPSE Double Degree Programs and SPSE Consecutive Degree Program can be downloaded from the following URLs.

<Exchange Programs>
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
National Taiwan University
National Chengchi University
IESEG School of Management
Tilburg University
University of Milan
University of Tromso

<Double Degree Programs>
National Taiwan University
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

<Consecutive Degree Program>
University of Essex

SPSE Global Leader Support Scholarships

Eligibility: Those who plan to apply for SPSE study abroad programs

Amount of scholarship: 250,000 JPY for 1 semester program / 500,000 JPY for 1 year or more program

Note: You can apply for the scholarship through the application form for programs. The result of selection will be announced in March. Please note that scholarship recipients cannot joint-receive funds from another overseas study support system.

Study abroad procedures

If you passed the selection for one of the Study Abroad Programs provided by the Center for International Education, the School of Political Science and Economics, other departments, such as Exchange Programs, Customized study programs, Double Degree Programs, you must submit the necessary documents to the SPSE Office.






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