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【Current Students】For Students Who are Currently Enrolling at our School(2020/08/07 Updated)

Dear Current Students

In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and ensure the well-being of students, parents, faculty, and staff, Waseda University has made the decision to postpone the starting of classes.

Accordingly, schedules for course registration has been changed, our graduate school will update the latest information on this page, please make sure to confirm it periodically.


1.Regarding Back Side Seal of Students Card(2020/05/01 Updated)

Students will be able to pick up the back side seal of student card from March, 16th, at Graduate School office (10F, Building No.3, Waseda Campus). Please bring your student card when visiting.

Operation Hour(2020/05/01 Updated)

◆Please be aware that office will be closed on Sunday and other national holidays.


2.Change of Starting Dates of Classes

We have judged May 11, 2020 to be the earliest possible starting date for classes and other educational activities.

Start Date of Spring 2020 Semester Postponed


3.Course Registration

Informatino is being updated here:
Course Registration, Syllabi>2.Course Registration Documents
Please kindly keep checking.


4. For students who are Currently Staying Outside of Japan

Regardless of nationality, for students who are currently staying outside of Japan,
please kindly click the URL below, and inform us about your situation.

Survey for students who are currently staying outside of Japan


5. For Master Program Students who are completing in September 2020

As announced in April 15 by Waseda mail, submission deadline for master’s thesis has been changed as follows:
[Deadline] July 3 (Fri) 2020, 5:00 pm (Japan Local Time)

Moreover, the following contents of “Master’s Thesis Guideline” are updated, so please be sure to check the latest version.
-Flow for Submitting a Master’s Thesis
-Announcement of Guidance for Master’s Thesis
-Graduate School of Economics Master’s Thesis Guideline


6. Classes in the fall semester of AY2020(2020/08/07 Updated)

Please kindly see the announcement in the following URL:

Please feel free to contact us should you have any inquires.

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