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Second year student, Master’s Program at the time of the interview


Reason for applying to the Graduate School of Economics

I primarily studied econometrics at the Department of Economics at Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics. I wanted to use my knowledge of economics to help me perform data analysis to contribute to society, and thus I decided to continue my studies at the Graduate School of Economics, which offers an empirical analysis program. Another reason I applied was that the GSE has a study abroad program called QTEM. I participated in this exchange program, which allowed me to study advanced quantitative analysis methods with students from overseas who were interested in the same field. In addition to the academics and research activities, there was also an abundance of business-minded events for meeting people with an eye to putting the
knowledge and connections gained to use in the real world. I had an extremely fruitful time during the program.

My research theme

I am working on predicting stock indices using machine learning-based methods. In prior research, there are examples of machine learning improving the accuracy of predictions. However, in economics, there is what is known as the efficient market hypothesis, which posits that prices in the market reflect all known information that is capable of being obtained, and, therefore, it is impossible to receive returns higher than the market average. Using my knowledge of both economics and machine learning, I’m studying under what conditions the hypothesis holds true—or whether it holds true in reality, in the first place.

Career path after completion of studies

By participating in QTEM, I was able to gain the ability to analyze data from both academic and business perspectives in an international environment. That experience was considered an asset by many companies, and, ultimately, I decided on a career path at a data processing thinktank. I want to help society by using the abilities I learned at the GSE to think qualitatively about the problems we face and to discover yet more problems quantitatively, based on data.

Message to students

The Graduate School of Economics offers robust coursework in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, as well as guidance to help you pursue your studies. It is an environment where you can achieve the things you want to do. Another feature of the graduate school is that many courses are offered in English, providing an environment in which you can be stimulated by the opportunity to interact with international students every day. You should definitely think about coming to study at the GSE.

ABE, Takaaki

Third year student, Doctor’s Program at the time of the interview


Reason for applying to the Graduate School of Economics

It was during my undergraduate studies that I first encountered economics. I remember that I was aware, purely in terms of having heard a piece of information, that economics was becoming rapidly more mathematical, but I could not imagine at all specifically how it was mathematical. However—despite my trepidation—when I first began studying the subject, I saw how truly wide a variety of phenomena, including everything from daily shopping trips to a country’s policies, could be painted vividly using mathematical models. I was amazed by the magnificence that I saw, and the thought that I, too, wanted to paint the world in that way is why I decided to continue my
studies at the Graduate School of Economics.

My research theme

Regardless of whether we wish it were so, we all belong to various groups. Those might be companies or schools. They might be families. Or, they might social media groups or the towns and countries in which we live. All around us, these various groups, both large and small, interact with one another and continue to form and break up. I had a naive question: Exactly what kinds of groups and organizations can remain stable and persist? I am engaged in the study of an approach known as “game theory” to try to find an answer to this question. My studies make me keenly aware of how amazingly profound the field of economics is.

Career path after completion of studies

After completing my doctoral studies, I want to be a researcher in the areas of economics and game theory.

Message to students

There are a wide variety of areas of study within the framework of economics. However, regardless of the area, the goal is to understand the “society” of which we are all members. As I mentioned at the start, many of these areas are rapidly becoming more mathematical. However, what they all have in common at their core is that they are all nothing other than expressions of our curiosity driving us to understand our society. You study a variety of techniques in graduate school, but it is only because of this curiosity that these techniques have any meaning. I would be thrilled if new students brought their senses of curiosity with them here to the Graduate School of Economics to learn some of these advanced techniques.
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