21st-Century COE-GLOPE, Waseda University

School of Economics, Renmin University of China


Beijing International Conference

Renmin University of China

December 21-22, 2005









Wednesday, December 21

                             Moderators: Kazumi Shimizu (Waseda University)

                                                  Yu Tongshen (Renmin University of China)


9:30                             Opening Remarks: Chen Yulu (Renmin University of China)

                                                          Shiro Yabushita (Waseda University)


9:50-10:40      Session 1: Keynote Speech: Koichi Hamada (Yale University)

                                          Economic Integration and Security Conflicts in Asia


10:40-11:30    Session 2: Keynote Speech: Li Daokui (Tsinghua University)


11:30-12:20    Session 3: Keynote Speech: Eden Yu (City University of Hong Kong)

                                         The Impact of CEPA (between HK and the Mainland) on Globalization


14:30-16:00    Session 4: Glob al Institutional Changes and Dynamism

                               Moderator: Li Tianyou (Renmin University of China)


                        Kazuharu Kiyono (Waseda University)

                               Strategic Regional Competition among Local Government Firms

                        Dic Lo (Renmin University of China)

                        Naoyuki Umemori (Waseda University)

On Some Characteri stics of the Modern Japanese Police System: The Collusive Relationship be tween the Nation State and the Colonial State


16:15-17:45    Session 5: Poli tical Economy and the Design of Institutions

                               Moderator: Atsuko Ueda (Waseda University)


                        Yukihiko Funaki (Waseda University)

                               The Design of Institutions and the Experimental Method in Political Economy

                        Holger Meinhardt (University of Karlsruhe, Waseda University)

                               Cooperation and Fairness in Asymmetric Cost Sharing Situations

                        Cheng Dawei (Renmin University of China)


                        Closing Remarks: Yang Ruilong (Renmin University of China)



Thursday, December 22


9:30-10:45      Session 6-A: Ex periments in Political Economy

                               Moderator: Yukihiko Funaki (Waseda University)


                        Yohei Mitani (Waseda University)

What Factors Are Responsible for Decision Making in a Threshold Environmental Goods Experiment?: A Consideration of Hypothetical Bias in Stated Preference

                        Hong Geng (Bonn University)

Decision Mechanisms in Tacit Bargaining: A Video Experimen tal Investigation of the Power-to-Take Game

                        Kumi Suzuki (Waseda University)

                               Experimental Analysist on the Role of a Large Speculator in Currency Crises


                        Session 6-B: Institutional Representation and its Change

                               Moderator: Cheng Dawei (Renmin University of China)


                        Alexander Bukh (LSE, Waseda University)

                                Exploring the Locale of National Identity Construction in Japan Beyond the History Textbooks

Cheung Mong (Hong Kong Avant-garde Policy Research Institute, Wase da University)

Japan's Perception of Anti-JapaneseProtests in China(2004-05)


11:00-12:15    Session 7-A: Su stainable Development and Economic Systems

                               Moderator: Ma Zihui (Renmin University of China)


                        Toshiro Kikuchi (Waseda University)

Educational Services, Individual Effort and Income Distribution, Considered from the Standpoint of Informational Asymmetry

                        Huang Wei (Wase da University)

The Impact of Income Inequality on Economic Growth through Financial Imperfections: Implications for China

                        Yu Xiuli (Renmin University of China, Waseda University)

The Experience and Dilemma of PLAS in Japan and Its Implication for MLSSS in China


                        Session 7-B: Globalization and International Trade

                               Moderator: Yasunori Ishii (Waseda University)


                        Han Yang (Renmin University of China)

                               Globalization and Intra-Industrial Trade in East Asia

                        Liu Cunsheng (Renmin University of China)

                               Construction of Global Production Networks

                        Feng Cunwan (Wuhan University, Waseda University)

                               EUfs Global Design and the Framework of Trade Regulatory Institutions


14:30-16:00    Session 8: Econ omic Integration in East Asia

                               Moderator: Kazuharu Kiyono (Waseda University)


                        Yukiko Fukagawa (University of Tokyo)

The Quality of FTA: WTO Consistency and Efficiency in East Asian Regionalism

                        Amy Searight (George Washington University)

Process and the Art of Diplomacy in Asian Multilate ralism: The United States, Japan, and China Compared.

                        Song Lifang (Renmin University of China, Waseda University)

International Antidumping Policy: Limitations and Refo rms


16:15-17:30    Session 9-A: In ternational Cooperation and Conflict Resolution

                               Moderator: Hidetoshi Nakamura (Waseda University)


                        Jochen Prantl (Oxford University)

    The Anatomy of Informal Governance: International Security Institutions and the Resolution of Conflict

                        Min Ye (Princeton University)

Politics of Technology Transfer in Developing Nations: China in Com parative Perspective

                        Zhang Xiaojing ( Renmin University of China)

Regional Inequality and the Integration of the EU


                        Session 9-B: Political Economy of Institutions

                               Moderator: Zhang Yanhong (Renmin University of China)


                        Kenichi Tamura (Waseda University)

Contemporary Japanese Local Public Finance: From the Perspective of Partisanship

                        Masahisa Endo (Cornell University, Waseda University)

A Unified Model of Votersf Behavior under Multiparty Elections (and Its Application to the Japanese Case)

                        Yoshihiro Tomar u (Waseda University)

Endogenous Timing in a Mixed Duopoly with Asymmetric Cost Functions


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with matching fund subsidy from MEXT