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Internship Report for Mizuho Bank (China) Ltd. by CHEN JIA

I am very appreciated that I can be chosen as one of the interns from Waseda University to spend part of the spring break in Shanghai World Financial Center, one of the world’s highest buildings.

The interest on finance makes me take a lot of courses in SILS which are mainly talking about finance or economics. However, no matter how many books I have read, how many lectures I have taken, how many essays I have written, I can just understand the theoretic things, without having the chance to know how the economics are working in our daily life.

The internship in the Mizuho bank (china) changed the situation. Mizuho Bank (China), Ltd. was established on June 1st, 2007. It is one of the overseas offices affiliated to Mizuho Financial Group, which is one of the three megabanks in Japan. I was assigned to two different divisions in two weeks. The first week I was in the foreign exchange division and during the second week I worked in the advisory division.

It was so lucky because the first day I went to Mizuho bank was just the day that there would have an orientation for 4 new Mizuho bankers. I also had the chance to join the orientation and was provided some basic information about the concept and structure of Mizuho Bank and also cautious information of security system of Mizuho.

Foreign exchange department was divided into 5 small sections including customer service, bond, inter-bank lending, foreign exchange and the planning section. The section chief of each section gave me introduction and explanation of what are they doing and show me data or files to help me understand deeply. I also attended the morning meeting every day which was held just in the office. Every morning 9 o`clock, the bankers just stood up and began to report important news about foreign currency exchange rate and loan-to-deposit ratio both in English or Japanese in loud voice to make sure everyone can hear clearly because the office is quite big. Actually, the first day I was shocked. It was my first time to join a meeting without seats and the meeting was so short just lasting 5 minutes. It emphasized the speed of banking business and reflected the preciseness of finance. Therefore, the personal quality of cautiousness and acumen should be essential to the bank employees.

The first week is more like studying than working, however, the second week in the advisory division, I began to work. For example, make the power point for the meetings, translate files from Japanese to Chinese, copy and bind files together in book form and so on. Also, I went a business trip to Hangzhou, a city in Jiangsu province, with two Mizuho staff. The business trip was tired but valuable.

To conclude, the internship at Mizuho bank (China) provided me a great chance to learn about the business. It would be one of the most invaluable experiences in my life and study. The internship has also strengthened my interest in the finance and banking field. However, another important lesson is that I began to realize my language level is not enough no matter English or Japanese. The last year in SILS, I will try my best to strengthen my language ability.

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