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Student Life

General Information for international students is available on the booklet, “International Student Handbook” published by the Center for International Education, Waseda University.

The Waseda University has the Health Support Center at Bldg.25-2 near the Okuma Garden House. “Health Care Room”, “Mental health-care room” and “Student counseling room” are at the Health Support Center. Also there is a branch office of the Health Support Center at Bldg. No.3, 1st floor. For details, please refer to the Health Support Center HP.

In addition, near the Waseda Campus, there are Hospitals/Clinics and Pharmacies contracted with the Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association (Sokenkai) (早稲田大学学生健康増進互助会) As for the list of the Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies, please refer to their homepage. Please note to bring your student ID card and Health Insurance Card when visiting the contracted hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

The Hospital information near the campus is also available on the booklet, “International Student Handbook” published by the Center for International Education, Waseda University.

Regular degree seeking Students (SP1, SP2 and SP4) are able to apply for the reimbursement. The Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association (Sokenkai) reimburses a part of the out-of-pocket medical expenses (30% of total expenses covered by the health insurance) paid at the hospitals in Japan, up to 60,000 yen per academic year. Students need to pay a fixed fee of 1,000yen per hospital each month, which will be deducted from the amount of the reimbursement.

<In the case of contracted hospitals/clinics and pharmacies>
Please note to bring your Student ID card and health insurance card with you.
No application needed for reimbursement.

<In the case of Non-contracted hospitals/clinics and pharmacies>
You need to apply for reimbursement at the Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association (Sokenkai) office (1F Student Center, Student Affairs Section, Bldg. 30, Toyama Campus).

Please come and talk at the SILS office (Bldg. 11, 4th floor) or e-mail to the SILS office at [email protected] about your concerns/worries/anxieties.  You may wish to consult with your Academic Advisors. If you don’t know who is your academic advisor, or their office hours and/or e-mail address, please ask at the SILS office.   Your privacy is strictly guaranteed, so please do not hesitate to talk to the SILS office and/or the Academic Advisors.

For your information, “Student counseling room” at the Health Support Center (Bldg. 25-2, 6th floor) is also available.

If you take a medical check-up on campus, the Health Checkup Report can be issued by the vending machine for ceritificates (Japanese only/300 yen). If not, please take a medical check-up at a hospital and ask them to issue a certificate there.
Health Checkup Report in English version is available at the Health Support Support Center (Bldg. No. 25-1).
*Opening Hours : Tue. Wed. Thur. and Fri. 13:30-15:40
The certificate issuance is available by March 31 of the following year of your check-up and not available for alumni.

The center is located on the second basement floor of the Studnet Center.

Valid Period of Use

One year (from the date of registration)

Necessary materials for registration

  • Individual health card or Medical certificate
  • ID photograph(3cm×4cm)
  • Student ID card
  • 3,000 yen

Training Center
MAIL:[email protected]

Classrooms are not open to students. But some classrooms are opened for the use of the certified clubs during the specific period each semester. For this use, application procedures are required at the Student Affairs section.
Please refer to :

You do not need to apply for it. The parking areas are near the North Gate, building No. 17 by the CO-OP area. Application is not necessary for parking in the Toyama Campus, either.
However, parking in Nishi-waseda campus requires your application. Go to Administration Division located on the first floor of Bldg. 51 and receive a prescribed sticker to put on your bicycle.

The Waseda University Property Management Student Housing Center can discuss this with you. You can apply for their guarantor system. They also have information on apartments and houses.
TEL: 03-5285-3016
Mail: [email protected]
*Waseda STEP 21 Bldg.
(Waseda University 1st floor of Bldg 99)

Please attend the orientation “Ginkou Kouza Issei Kaisetsu”, held by the Center for International Education at the new semester.
You can also try Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Takadanobaba branch (Japanese Speaker only) or Risona bank, Waseda branch to open an account by yourself.

There is recruitment on campus in April and September. Otherwise, please ask at the Student Affairs Section.
*List of a student club*

You can check activities held by ICC

Please see the homepage of the Student Affairs Section.

Please go to the MyWaseda (this homepage is in Japanese only) –>up menu「学生生活」(gakusei seikatsu) –>right menu「学生生活」( gakusei seikatsu) –>「学生生活支援」( gakusei seikatsu shien ) –>「アルバイト」(arubaito). On the Part Time Job Information page, click on 「学外アルバイト情報」(gakugai arubaito jyouhou).  For more details, please refer the link below.

If you lose something in building No. 11, it will usually come to the SILS office on the 4th floor or the School of commerce office on the 3rd floor.  It will be transferred later to the Portal Office in 1st floor of building No. 7. Please visit these offices.

Useful information for SILS students might be put on the bulletin board. If not, please ask permission at the Student Affairs Section to put it at lounges.

You need to download special software.
You can get support for settings at the Portal office in 1st floor of building No. 7.

Please visit the Portal Office at the 1st floor of Bldg.7  with your Student ID card.

Place Available

Building No. 7 (1st floor) near the Portal Office
Building No. 14 (1st floor)
Building No. 25 (1st floor )

*on the 1st floor in building No. 11 (coin-operated / in a room located on the left side of stairs to the Basement Reading Room)
*on the 2nd floor in the very back of the student lounge.
*on the 4th floor, GNC




You can use it in Room 158 in building No.9
Available time: 9:00 – 21:00 (Mon. – Sat.)

Exit from the North Gate, turn right, go straight (you will see building No.22 on the right hand.) toward Shinmejiro-Do-ri. Resona Bank is across the street (near Waseda station on Toden Arakawa Line).

You can receive it at the same place you applied for the test. (CO-OP Travel  Service Center in 2nd floor of building No. 17 on Waseda campus / 03-3202-4015) Please bring your student ID card.

There are some speciality stores near university. You can receive the information at the SILS office.

Bereavement Leave ・ Influenza

Firstly, please send e-mail to all instructors of classes you cannot attend. Their address is available at the Course [email protected] (SILS Faculty members/Office hours & Mail Address). After recovering, please submit medical certificate to the SILS office, and contact your instructors in the first class after the recovery to request special academic consideration during your leave. Notice that the final decision on a student’s absence is left to the discretion of each instructor.

Applicable Relationship to the Deceased

First-degree family members (parents, children), Second-degree family members (siblings, grandparents, grandchildren), and spouse

Number of days granted for bereavement leave

Up to seven (7) consecutive class-meeting days
*If international travel is involved, extra number of days may be granted.

Submit appropriate documentation, such as a funeral acknowledgement card, to the SILS office. The office issue “Application for Special Consideration for Leave of Absence (bereavement). After applying, hand the form you receive to your course instructor and seek special consideration.

* If you miss English I (Intensive English), English II (Tutorial English), and/or English III(English Academic Writing ), submit the application form to the office of Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation (Building 29, Room 102)

Notice that the final decision on a student’s absence is left to the discretion of each instructor.

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