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For Applicants

Doctoral Program

Completion Requirements

A student must be enrolled at the Doctoral Program, in principle, for three years or more, receive the necessary research
guidance, submit a Doctoral Dissertation, and pass the final examination(Oral defense).
No course credits are required for the Doctoral Program. The program consists of instructions from their supervisors and
students’ own study and research activities. Therefore, students need to commit themselves to complete their Doctoral
Dissertation. Instructions from supervisors can be given through e-mails or skype etc., so students can continue their study
and research regardless of their place of residence, either Japan or overseas.
Those who left the school without submitting a Doctoral Dissertation after being enrolled for 3 years (or more) with necessary
research guidance, may submit their Doctoral Dissertation within 3 years from the date of their withdrawal and go through
its screening and oral defense.


For those who submitted their Doctoral Dissertation and passed the final examination(Oral defense) are conferred the degree
“Doctor of Philosophy in Japanese Applied Linguistics” by Waseda University.

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