Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies早稲田大学 国際コミュニケーション研究科



金 知賢(KIM, Jihyeon)


  • 国籍:South Korea
  • Program:Doctoral Program
  • 入学時期:2018年4月入学
  • Study Plan:博士後期課程


When I decided to pursue a doctorate at GSICCS, its international and unique interdisciplinary learning environment was the factor I found most attractive. The focus of my current research is on “Policy on Court Interpreting Services in Japanese Bilingual Courtrooms” where language assistance is granted to foreign defendants and/or witnesses with limited Japanese proficiency. GSICCS has allowed me to conduct interdisciplinary research on court interpreting, which is closely intertwined with legal and interpretation studies.

At GSSICS, one receives one-on-one “Independent Study Sessions” with two professors, along with constructive guidance from a main research supervisor. This has helped me gain extensive knowledge in various fields including Japan’s legal system, interpretation theories, and legal communication studies, which has contributed to the originality of my research project. I believe this academic experience at GSICCS along with my professional experience as a court interpreter will become a good stepping stone in gaining unrivaled expertise in the field of my research, and my ambition is to join the JSPS Overseas Research Fellowship Program. After graduation, I would like to continue to develop my career in the field of court interpreting as both an academic and practitioner to contribute to the advancement of policies and education of court interpreting in Japan and South Korea.


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