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KATO Jotaro


PhD (International Studies)


Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Liberal Arts, University of the Sacred Heart (2016-Present)
Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Carrer Studies, Hosei University (2018-Present)
Research Fellow (DC2), Japan Society for the Promotion Science (2019-2020)
Research Associate, Institute of Asian Migrations, Waseda University (2020-2021)

Research Theme:

Migration Studies, Multiculturalism in Japan, Global Sociology, Vietnam Studies


Major Works / Publications Awards:

Major Works

Kato, Jotaro. 2019a. ‘“Fuhōsei” to Tomoni Ikiru: Hiseiki Taizaisha ga Nihon de Kurasu Koto o Kanō to Suru Yōin wa Nanika’ [Living in ‘Illegality’: What Makes It Possible for Irregular Migrants to Live in Japan?]. Migration Policy Review 11: 60-74. (Peer-Reviewed)
Kato, Jotaro. 2019b. ‘Betonamu Jin Hiseiki Taizaisha, Ryūgakusei, Ginōjisshusei eno Kēsu Sutadei: Betonamu jin o “Gōhō” to “Fuhō” ni Wakatsu no ha Nani ka’ [A Case Study on Vietnamese Undocumented Migrants, Students and Technical Interns: What Distinguishes Vietnamese People Who Remain ‘Legal’ and Those Who Become ‘Illegal’?]. Journal of the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies 38: 35-53. (Peer-Reviewed)
Kato, Jotaro, Irina Kuznetsova and John Round. 2019. ‘The Nature of “Illegal” Migration in Japan and the United Kingdom: The Impact of Attitudes towards Migrants, Social Cohesion and Future Challenges’. IRiS Working Paper Series. 35.
Hayashi, Mariko and Jotaro Kato. 2020. ‘Japan’ Tinessia Adeline ed. Repression and Resilience: COVID-19 Response Measures and Migrant Workers’ Rights in Major East and Southeast Asian Destinations. Jakarta: Human Rights Working Group. 43-65.

Publications Awards

4th Kamenori Award (November, 2010, as a representative)
4th Excellent NPO Award Nomination (December, 2016, as a representative)
JSPS Overseas Challenge Program for Young Researchers (City University of New York, August 2018- February 2019)

Academic Societies / Service to Society

Academic Societies:

Association for Asian Studies, The Japan Sociological Society, The Japan Society for International Development, Japan Society for Migration Policy Studies , The Kantoh Sociological Society

Service to Society

Committee Member, ‘Research on Information Network of Migrant Communities to Prevent COVID19 Spread’, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO) (2020-Present)
Borad Member, Shwe Gangaw no Kai (Burmese Lanugage Heritage Class) (2016-Present)
Field Reseacher, Cross-Regional Platform on Migration and Human Rights in Southeast and East Asian Countries(2020-Present)

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